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Zombie Typocalypse Controls

Zombie Typocalypse is controlled by using the keyboard. Type the words that appear above enemies' heads to shoot them. Switch weapons by using the number keys.

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Zombie Typocalypse Walkthrough

Zombie Typocalypse is an action-packed typing game. This zombie game features cartoon graphics, three levels of difficulty, and a storyline that gives meaning to the action. Although this kids game has educational value, it may not be appropriate for younger children due to violent content.

The objective of Zombie Typocalypse is to stop the zombie apocalypse by killing zombies. Instead of just pointing and clicking, however, your weapons are controlled by your mastery of typing. Type the words that appear over the zombies to blast them back to death. Powerups and extra ammunition can also be collected in a similar fashion. If the zombies get too close, they will damage you. When all of your health is lost (indicated by a red bar in the upper-left corner of the screen), the game will end. Your progress is not saved in this typing game, so you will have to start from the beginning each time that you play.

After each level of this typing game, you will be able to upgrade their arsenal. An improved arsenal will help to kill zombies faster and increase your survivability, but you do not have to buy upgrades or weapons from the shop to complete the game. It is probably best for educators to discourage their students from using powerups or buying better weapons so that they will focus on improving their typing rather than just blasting the zombies.

Fighting zombies is gruesome business, so Zombie Typocalypse might be too violent and gory for younger players. This typing game still has potential as an educational tool, however, and may be more appropriate for junior high students. Older students will appreciate the action of this kids game while still getting typing practice rather than just blowing zombies away with no educational benefit.

Zombie Typocalypse may be too gory for younger students, but it can serve as an entertaining educational tool for students in junior high and up. You may have heard that "the pen is mightier than the sword", well in this big kids game, the keyboard is mightier than the shotgun!