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Wordsmith Controls

Wordsmith is controlled by using the mouse. Click on tiles to select them, then click on the grid to place them.

  • Rating: 4.48/5

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Wordsmith Walkthrough

Wordsmith is a word game created by Coolio Niato. As can be expected from this developer, Wordsmith is well-made and features great graphics, amazing jazzy background music, simple controls, and even voice-overs!

The objective of Wordsmith is to form words by using the tiles provided. Valid words are formed horizontally or diagonally and must be words in the English language at least three-letters long. When a valid word is formed, the tiles used in it are removed from the field, making room for the spelling of additional words. After the board has been cleared of all tiles, you will advance to the next level. There is no time limit to this word game, and it only ends if you are unable to form words or clear tiles in any other way and give up.

Wordsmith features a variety of tiles including standard tiles, random tiles, bomb tiles, and more. When you have selected a tile, its use and properties are explained in the upper-right corner. Try to use tiles strategically and save your bombs to get out of tough situations. To deselect a tile, simply click near the bottom of the screen where you picked the tile up.

Wordsmith is a puzzle game that provides entertainment value for players of all ages. Simple controls and the discrete explanations of the usage of each tile makes the game more accessible to young children or casual gamers. The fact that this word game has no time limit may also make it appealing to children. The only way to lose is to give up, so children will not be discouraged by rules that seem unfair. Finally, the cartoon assistant provides encouragement and does not use profanity, so children will receive positive reinforcement for their efforts.

Wordsmith is an excellent word game that is great for passing time. Parents and educators can be comfortable letting their children or students play Wordsmith since it is entertaining, brain-stimulating, and does not feature risque or violent content!