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Word War I Controls

Word War I is controlled by using the keyboard. Type in the words spelled by the parachuting letters to defeat them. Press the spacebar to use zaps when available.

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Word War I Walkthrough

Word War I is a typing game that challenges players' typing skill and word recognition skill. This word game features cute graphics that children can enjoy, soothing music, and two different game modes. As a side note of trivia, paratroopers did not appear in combat until World War II, not World War I.

Word War I features two games modes: the main game mode with three difficulty levels and "Just Typing" mode. You may choose which difficulty level of the normal game or choose "Just Typing" mode by clicking on the appropriate button in the main menu or in the menu displayed at the end of the game if you wish to play again. The objective in both modes of this typing game is to defend your base from enemy letter paratroopers that form words. In order to defeat them, you must type in the entire word that they spell. If you make an error, you must type the word again from its beginning. If paratroopers manage to make it to the ground and into your base, you will lose some health. When your health is completely depleted, the game is over.

The primary game mode is broken into three difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard. The harder the difficulty level, the more blanks you will have to guess when typing words. For each three words that you type in correctly, you will earn one zap. To use a zap, press the spacebar where you would type in a letter for a blank and the letter will be filled in for you. Another feature of the primary game mode is a hangman-like minigame where you are given ten guesses fill in a word to detonate a bomb before it hits your headquarters. Keep in mind that this is not a bonus round and the bomb will damage your headquarters if it is not detonated in time!

If you are teacher or parent of a child that is learning to type or a student learning to type, it is best to pay the "Just Typing" mode of Word War I. There are no blanks to worry about in this mode of the typing game, nor must you deal with the Hangman-like bomb detonation game.

Word War I is a typing game that features cute graphics and does not contain too much gore or violence despite being based on war, so it is appropriate for children as well as adults. Word War I is a great way to practice typing without it feeling like a chore.