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Word Reactor Controls

Word Reactor is controlled by using the mouse. Click and drag on letters to form words. You may also move blocks by clicking and dragging on the block containing a letter (not the letter itself).

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Word Reactor Walkthrough

Word Reactor is a simple-to-play word game. Word Reactor's simple controls and colorful graphics make it an excellent game to keep children occupied.

Word Reactor has nine challenges, each with their own goals. To view the goals and gameplay mechanics of each mode, simply hover your mouse over its icon. After successfully completing once challenge, the next will be unlocked. The common objective in each of the challenges is to connect letters to form words. In order to connect letters, click and drag on the first letter of a word, then continue to drag through other letters and release after you have moved your mouse through the last letter of the word. Words must be valid English words at least three-letters in length. Unlike most other Flash word games, some acronyms and names are accepted in Word Reactor.

Blocks do not have to be touching or adjacent to form words in Word Reactor, but in some cases, it may make the game easier to move blocks. To move a block, simply click and drag on it, but make sure not to click on the letter inside of the block or the game will think that you are trying to form a word! Moving blocks can help you to escape defeat as well as make it easier to group letters together and form words.

Overall, Word Reactor has simple gameplay and controls, making it ideal for children. Since the game is nonviolent and its gameplay revolves around words, it may be a useful tool for educators. Children may want to stick to the first few challenges, however, due to their straightforward gameplay. Later challenges are more complex and may confuse younger players.

Word Reactor is an addictive word game that is fun for gamers of all ages. This puzzle game will challenge your knowledge of the English wordstock as well as your ability to think on your feet!