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Word Grid Controls

Word Grid is controlled by using the mouse or the keyboard. Click on adjacent tiles or type their letters using the keyboard to form words. Press enter to submit the word. Backspace is used to remove individual letters and the escape key clears the entire word. Click the gravity needle or use the arrow keys to control the direction of gravity. Click on a Special when its meter is full to use it.

  • Rating: 4.07/5

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Word Grid Walkthrough

Word Grid is a nifty word game that is fun for gamers of all ages. Word Grid features simple graphics, easy-to-learn controls, and unique gameplay!

Word Grid features three game modes. The common goal of all game modes is to spell out words using adjacent tiles in the grid. For a word to be valid in this word game, it must be an English word no shorter than three-letters long. If a word is valid, a distinctive sound will play and the word will appear along with its point value at the bottom of the screen. Press enter to submit the word. You may also press backspace to clear individual letters or press escape to deselect all letters if you are unhappy with the word that you are spelling.

The three game modes featured in Word Grid are Timed mode, Practice mode, and Limited mode. In Timed mode, your objective is to score as many points as possible by forming words before time runs out. Each time a word is spelled, additional time is earned. The longer the word, the more time will be earned. The second mode in this word game is Practice mode. Practice mode offers unlimited time and is good to play to get used to the game mechanics. The final game mode, and my personal favorite, is limited mode. In this mode, you are given limited time, a limited amount of tiles that may be used, and a limited number of words that you are allowed to spell. When any of the counters reaches zero, the game will end and your score will be tallied.

Since Word Grid is a nonviolent game that tests vocabulary and problem-solving skills, it may be a great game for kids. The potential complexity of the game (particularly the control of gravity and Specials) may not be fully grasped by younger players, but these aspects are not totally necessary to do well in this word game. Also, since a respectable score can be attained by spelling out short words (as long as they are three-letters long or longer), elementary school students can still do well in it.

Word Grid is an addicting and challenging word game that provides a unique twist to the genre. Word Grid can be played simply by young children or casual players, while older or more experienced players can try the more complex aspects of the game!