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Trash Typer Controls

Trash Typer is controlled by using the keyboard. Type the appears below each trash item, then press enter. Use the mouse to bring focus to the typing field and to click the pause button if you need to pause the game.

  • Rating: 3.97/5

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Trash Typer Walkthrough

Trash Typer is a straightforward typing game designed for children. This kids game features colorful graphics, a simple concept, and nonviolent gameplay making it excellent for elementary students.

The objective of Trash Typer is to clean the ocean by typing in words that appear below pieces of trash. If a word is typed correctly and input (by pressing the enter key), then the corresponding trash item will be destroyed. There is no penalty for words that are typed incorrectly. Players begin this typing game with three lives. If a piece of trash falls to the ocean floor, then a life will be lost. It is important to note that in order for a word to count, it must be input into the white text field at the bottom of the screen, so it may be a good idea to click on this text field before typing to make sure that it is in focus.

Trash Typer has four difficulty levels: easy, normal, hard, and expert. Destroying trash by typing in words fills a blue bar in the lower-left corner of the screen. When this bar is completely filled, the difficulty of the typing game will increase (except on expert difficulty where it will remain the same). Skilled typists will be able to play indefinitely. The higher the difficulty level, the more trash will appear on screen, meaning that players will have to be quick with their fingers! Adults that are used to typing may still find the expert difficulty level to be easy, but children that are just learning to type will certainly face a challenge.

Although it is possible for a player with fast fingers to excel at this typing game while looking at the keyboard, parents and teachers using Trash Typer to assist students should encourage proper typing practices. Using the home row and focusing on the monitor makes it easier to type in the words. The objective of this kids game is not just to get a high score, but also to practice proper typing.

Trash Typer is a fun typing game that is great for children due to its cartoonish graphics and nonviolent gameplay. Trash Typer is a kids game, so its intended audience is children, but adults that wish to hone their typing skills may find it useful as well!