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This Is The Only Level Controls

Move left using the left arrow key. Move right using the right arrow key. Jump using the up arrow key. Controls can change depending on the stage.

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This Is The Only Level is one of the most unique, engrossing and addictive puzzle games online simply because it is so completely different than any of the other puzzle games online yet it isn't different at all. From the start to the finish the game keeps you on your toes and keeps you playing to find out what comes next. Yes, there is only one level to the game but there are several stages you must get through to beat that level. Each stage looks exactly the same apart from the colors but will require you to do something different to reach the end. The goal is always the same - get your elephant from the starting point to the ending point. Getting there, however, can be quite a challenge, especially as you progress in the same.

This Is The Only Level teaches your kids a very important lesson - a lesson that many of the other educational puzzle games online ignore. Even though a problem appears to be the same (getting the elephant from point A to point B), the way you have to approach that problem can be different. The benefit here is obvious. This game will teach your children that they need to approach every challenge they encounter - be that problem in school work or a problem in their life - as a unique challenge and look carefully at it to determine not only what the problem is but how to approach it. The key to doing well in this game is to carefully look at each stage and figure out exactly how to tackle the obstacles in the way of success. Easier said than done, but the great thing about this game is that the challenge is what makes it so much fun.

Some stages in This Is The Only Level will require you to use your basic arrow controls while others will require you to use your mouse. In some stages the controls are reversed. For example, in some stages the left arrow key will move the elephant right and the right arrow key will move the elephant left. There are bouncy levels. There are levels where you'll have to fight against 'wind' blowing your elephant hard toward the right of the screen. In addition to all of this, there are obstacles you need to avoid (the spikes) that will kill your elephant if you hit them. In some of stages, however, you need to use those spikes to get onto the platforms you need to be on to get to the end of the level. How do you know the difference? At the bottom left of the screen, you'll see the name of the stage. For example, in stage 10, the name of the stage is 'Heavy Headwind, Here'. The name of the stage will offer you clues to what you need to do.

Apart from the color scheme, the look of This Is The Only Level never changes. While other puzzle games use elaborate graphics or backdrops to entertain players, this game just uses the challenges the stages present to keep you entertained. In each stage, your elephant is dropped into the game screen from a tube on the right side of the screen. You need to navigate around the obstacles to the exit on the left side. In most of the stages, you'll need to press the big red button on a platform in the center of the screen to lower the green door blocking the exit. In at least one case, the twist in the stage is that there is no door and pressing the button will raise the door instead of lowering it. If you miss that one key aspect of the stage, you'll be forced to restart the level.

Overall, beating This Is Only One Level is going to take a lot of careful thinking and, more than likely, quite a few lost elephants. This is far from an easy puzzle game but it's presented in such a way that you want to keep playing just to find out what the next puzzle holds. Your kids will be able to take a lot of important lessons from this one and will be able to strengthen a lot of important skills as they play. The greatest part? It never feels educational. Everything is laid out in such a fun way that your kids will be learning without even knowing it. Play with them. Help them figure out what they're being asked to do if they get stuck. This is a great game you can feel good about your kids getting hooked on.