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The Wizard's Notebook Controls

Move left using the left arrow key. Move right using the right arrow key. Jump usng the up arrow key. Enter words by clicking and typing the word with the letter keys on your keyboard.

  • Rating: 4.07/5

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The Wizard's Notebook Walkthrough

The Wizard's Notebook is an excellent word game that features a unique and challenging premise and excellent graphics. It's entirely engrossing and incredibly addictive. The only real problem with this one is quite simple - if you're running a slower computer than can't handle graphic intensive games you're going to have an extremely hard time playing this one. There is a severe lag problem even on faster computers which can definitely pose problems. As long as you are patient, though, and willing to ignore a few glitches and lag problems here and there, this will be an excellent game for you and one that offers wonderful benefits for children.

The basic premise behind The Wizard's Notebook is very unique in and of itself. Basically, you are trying to get through each level in the game to rescue your princess at the end. Reaching the end, though, will require you to use your brain and carefully analyze the puzzles presented to you and some of them are pretty tricky. Patience is important with this one and not just because of the lag problems. It is easy to get frustrated with some of the more difficult puzzles. This on its own offers a great lesson for kids. Patience is important with education and with life. The solution to a problem isn't always obvious. When frustration starts to get the best of your kids, don't force them to keep playing. Let them take a step back and encourage them to try again once a little time has passed. Sometimes all solving a difficult puzzle takes is a little time away from it.

In order to complete each level in The Wizard's Notebook you will need to solve the visual puzzle presented to you by figuring out what word you need to use and typing it in. For example, if you get to a puzzle that it seems you'll need water for, type in the word water. Sometimes the answer is obvious. Other times it will take a few more guesses. Again, patience is the key. If you can't seem to come up with the word, try to look at the puzzle a different way. Every puzzle in this game has a solution. Pay close attention to the clues you're given. If there is a puzzle you just can't seem to find a solution to, chances are there's just something you're missing.

The Wizard's Notebook also presents a tremendous opportunity for you to bond with your children and have fun with them while you all learn because it isn't just the kids that can learn something from this game. As adults we too are always learning. This game focuses on word puzzles, but it does more than strengthen typing skills and other skills you immediately think of when you think of word games. It improves logic and helps improve problem solving skills. It also provides you with an awesome chance to show your kids that learning can be fun. This game never feels like a lesson or a teaching tool. It's a truly fun and challenging game that keeps you playing from start to finish. The greatest benefit the game offers, though, is that it shows your kids how great it can feel to use their brain win a game with is something many other online games can't claim. This is an excellent word game you can feel good about your kids getting hooked on - just don't be surprised if you get hooked too! This one is a lot of fun.