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The Roots of Life is controlled by using the mouse. Click on the cloud containing the correct answer.

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The Roots of Life is a math game that helps students to learn the square roots of numbers. This math game features three difficulty levels and is geared towards students that are learning their square roots.

The objective of The Roots of Life is to grow out your tree. Each round you are asked to select the square root of the given number from four different choices. Selecting the correct answer will cause the tree to grow as well as its roots. If you answer incorrectly in this math game, the tree will grow but the roots will not, causing the tree to become unstable. If you give three incorrect answers, then your tree will fall and the game will end.

In order to succeed in The Roots of Life, you must know what a square root is. The square root of a number is a number that when squared (multiplied by itself) yields the number that it is the square root of. For example, five is the square root of twenty-five because five times itself yields a product of twenty-five. Every positive number has both a positive square root and a negative square root, but you must only worry about the positive square roots in this math game. There is also no need to worry about cubed roots or imaginary numbers; the focus here is on positive square roots.

The easy difficulty level of The Roots of Life is best for students that are just learning about square roots since this difficulty level deals with the square roots present on the basic multiplication table. The higher difficulty levels do not introduce more advanced mathematical concepts, but will require some computation. There is no time limit in this mathematics game, so you may want to take the time to do the multiplication and get the right answer.

The Roots of Life is a great educational game that can help students to practice their square roots. Unfortunately, there is no built-in timer in this math game, but if you want to challenge yourself, try to answer the questions as fast as you can!