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The Multiplication Game is controlled by using the mouse. Click and drag the sliders to form products.

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The Multiplication Game is a math game that focuses on multiplication as its title implies. The Multiplication Game features simple graphics and rudimentary AI, meaning that the game may be too simple for older players, but younger players will be able to learn and be entertained by this mathematics game.

The objective of The Multiplication Game is to color four squares in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. You must also prevent the computer from scoring four in a row. Your squares are colored green and the computer's squares are colored purple. In order to color squares, you must make products. You and the computer will take turns moving sliders across the row of numbers at the bottom of the screen. The positions of the sliders indicates which numbers will be factors (also known as multiplicands), and the product of the two factors will be the number that is colored on the grid. You only need to worry about the basic multiplication table of the integers from one to nine in this math game.

The Multiplication Game is excellent for students that are learning basic arithmetic and multiplication tables. This educational game may also be a great tool for parents or educators that are attempting to introduce multiplication in a fun way to young, computer-savvy students. It doesn't hurt to start learning mathematical concepts at a young age, and if you can manage to teach while making it fun, children may be more eager to learn.

I recommend The Multiplication Game for students learning and practicing their basic multiplication tables, as well as parents and teachers of elementary school children. Not only does this math game help with learning multiplication, but its strategic element also enforces critical thinking and planning ahead. The Multiplication Game is an excellent tool for exercising young (and maybe some older) minds!