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Sketch 2 Controls

Choose your picture using the mouse. Select your brush and color using the mouse. Paint lines using the mouse and the left mouse button.

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Sketch 2 Walkthrough

Sketch 2 is no easy game, but it is a lot of fun and your kids will absolutely love it. The basic premise is fairly unique in the world of online drawing games but that's really what makes the game so much fun. Basically, you have twenty-four different pictures to choose from, each with a slightly increased level of difficulty. You click on the picture you want to begin the game. You're taken to a screen where you'll see a larger version of the outline of the picture with that outline slowly disappearing. The goal of this awesome drawing game is to recreate the picture you're given as closely to the original as possible. When you're finished your drawing, you are given a score based on your accuracy.

Sketch 2 offers you some fairly basic tools to work with which is, in itself fairly unique to this drawing game. Instead of giving you a lot of extra options, this one sticks with the basics. You have two brushes, a thick one and a thin one, as well as a palate of colors to use. You'll need to use both brushes and the right colors if you want to score well on your drawing. For example, the first picture is a star outlined in black with a white center. You can hit every line perfectly but if you don't use the right colors, you'll get a zero for accuracy. In addition, you want to use the right brush for the job you're doing. The thin brush should be used for outlining the shape and for filling in any details. The thick brush should be used for coloring in the shape. On the star, for example, you're going to use a thin brush with black paint to draw the star and then the thick brush with white paint to fill in the star. Keep these things in mind. If you fail to use the right brush or the right colors, it will hurt your score.

Sketch 2 is a great drawing game that your kids will have fun playing while also learning. This is a great teaching tool to use to teach your kids the importance of following instructions and paying attention to details. It will also help strengthen their hand eye coordination which will definitely come in handy in and out of the classroom. This game also shows kids that art is fun. Although it doesn't really allow much in the way of creativity, it will help your children understand that following directions is important to achieving a goal and that it can be fun to try to reach a goal. As they play, their score for each picture will improve showing them that learning something new and putting that new skill to use can be fun.

If you want to get the most benefit out of Sketch 2 for your kids, play the game with them. There is no time limit, so take your time. Start with the simpler pictures and work your way up, making sure you praise them as they improve. Try tackling the pictures yourself and challenging your kids to beat your score. Use this drawing game as a chance show your kids that a little healthy competition can be fun. This is a great drawing game that will keep your kids entertained while teaching them some very important skills.

Overall, Sketch 2 offers a great opportunity to show your children how much fun they can have while they learn. It's also a great drawing game on its own that parents can have fun with even when the kids aren't playing. As you progress, the pictures get a lot more difficult, ensuring there is a continued level of challenge as you play. This is an excellent drawing game you don't have to worry about your kids getting hooked on. Just don't be surprised if you find yourself playing it as well after the kids are in bed. It's a great game to kill a little time with and strengthen your own artistic skills.