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Semantic Wars Controls

Train soldiers by clicking with the left mouse button or by using the keyboard shortcuts ('1' for melee warriors, '2' for shooters, '3' for wizards). Guess letters using the letter keys on your keyboard. Toggle the camera using 'space'. Move the camera using the arrow keys.

  • Rating: 4.23/5

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Semantic Wars Walkthrough

Semantic Wars is an excellent tower defense game perfect for adults and kids alike. This is a great game you can play with your kids or that you can play on your own to get a high score and then challenge your kids to beat that high score. There are three difficulty settings (Easy, Medium and Hard) making it perfect for kids of just about any age. For younger kids, try out the 'easy' setting. It is still fairly challenging but not nearly as difficult as 'medium' or hard. Regardless of what mode you choose to play, actually winning the game will take careful thinking and a good strategy, helping your kids develop or strengthen those skills and giving you the chance to develop alongside them.

Your goal in Semantic Wars is to destroy your enemy's castle; something that's not terribly uncommon in this sort of tower defense game. The biggest difference between this game and most of the other tower defense games online is that you need to use your name to earn money. This is also what makes this game so educational. You need money to train and deploy soldiers and you earn that money by trying to solve the word puzzle shown at the bottom right of the game screen. Each correct letter you guess will reward you with money. Guess incorrectly, though, and you'll lose money. Taking random shots in the dark just isn't a good idea for that reason. Look at the category and try to determine what the word is from the category. Naturally you'll have to guess a bit in the beginning, but make smart guesses. Choose commonly used letters. Once you get a letter or two, try to figure out the word. The trickiest part of this, though, is that you have to be relatively quick. The enemy will be attacking and you need the money from those words to deploy soldiers to defend your castle. If your castle is destroyed your game is over.

There are three different types of soldiers you can use in Semantic Wars. Using those soldiers properly is extremely important if you want to make it through the game. You have Melee warriors (the sword icon), shooters (the arrow icon) and wizards (the fire icon). Melee warriors are great for short range combat but they offer no shooting skills. Shooters are excellent for mid-range combat but are of little use for short range battles. Wizards are great for long and short range combat but they are not armored like melee warriors which means they take very little damage from enemies before they're killed. All three soldier types can be upgraded using the experience you earn each time you use a unit from each different type. This basically means using a wizard will give you experience to upgrade wizards, using melee warriors will give you experience to upgrade melee warriors and using shooters will give you experience to upgrade shooters. Upgrading your soldier categories will allow you to produce stronger units. As with most tower defense games, upgrades are extremely important when trying to survive the game.

There are several power ups throughout Semantic Wars that can definitely help you do well in the game. These power ups will be dropped from a balloon that appears over the battle field. Keep an eye out for them and collect them as often as you can. When collecting power ups, though, don't go out of your way of the power up that's dropped doesn't really offer much in the way of benefit for you. The star icon with the 'x' over it offers magic resistance. This gives you a great advantage when tangling with wizards. The plus icon offers regeneration. The benefits for that one are pretty obvious. The lightning bolt symbol offers extra power. The 'A' symbol reveals a letter in the word puzzle. The shield icon gives you a boost in your castle's defenses. The dollar sign icon gives you an income boost. The wrench icon offers repairs for your castles and the '3' icon reveals the beginning of the word in your word puzzle. All of the power ups offer clear bonuses, but look at what you need in the game and determine if the power up will help you enough to go out of your way to get it.

The only way to do well in Semantic Wars is to focus on the word puzzles just as much as you're focusing on the battle strategies. You also need to conserve money. If you reach a zero balance in your bank, guessing a wrong letter will cost you castle health and that's definitely not something you want - especially if you have no warriors on the battle field. It's also important to choose your letters wisely. Try guessing vowels first and then common consonants like 'R', 'S', 'T' and 'N'. That can help you fill out the puzzle and made it easier to guess the word. It's also vital that you pay attention to the category. The category helps you narrow down your guesses and will enable you to make more educated guesses.

The greatest thing about Semantic Wars is that it is a great teaching tool for kids. Unlike many of the other tower defense games online there is huge potential for learning with this one. Your kids will neeed to develop a decent strategy for the battles which strengthens their logic and planning skills, but the addition of the word puzzle is where the real learning comes in. Although the word puzzles will be difficult in the beginning, your kids will improve their spelling, improve their typing skills and even expand their vocabulary. This is a very education-focused game. The greatest thing about it, though, is that it doesn't feel like learning. It's a lot of fun to play, it's challenging and it's engrossing. This teaches your children the most important lesson the game has to offer - that learning can be fun.