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A word game for kids, the control scheme of Savvygram is very straightforward and easy to pick up. To play the game, all you need to do is (1) use the letters on your keyboard to spell out your chosen word and submit them. (2) Press the space bar button re-arrange the letters if you must, (3) and to skip the word if you are having a hard time, just press the semi colon marks (';'). That's about everything you need to keep in mind as far as controls go. Now let's have a closer look at this word / kids game.

  • Rating: 3.33/5

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Savvygram Walkthrough

Savvygram - it has all of the elements that a kids word game should have: it's simple enough for kids to understand and it's challenging and fun to keep them interested. The objective of the game is very easy: you are challenged to unscramble the gibberish on the screen... creating a word out of the letters by typing it as quickly as possible. You need to look at the screen and get your hands working and typing without the need for looking at the keyboard.

If you are having a hard time unscrambling what's on the screen, don't worry. Savvygram offers a dictionary definition to give you clues or hints. HOWEVER, as the game progresses and you get to the later levels, the words get longer. And most of the time, the dictionary definition or hints are NOT enough. BUT don't worry. Even if the game gets harder as it progresses, you don't need to stress out on it. It only lasts for 2 minutes. HOWEVER, believe me, you are going to spend more than 2 minutes on Savvygram whether you are a kid or a grown-up. You will surely challenge yourself to do better the next time around and surpass your previous performance. You will want to challenge yourself to get more words within the time limit and get a higher score. This is one of the reasons why this game is so addictive and fun!

Savvygram is an excellent word / kids game for anyone - your skill, experience with word games, or age doesn't really matter. If you want to have fun, then you are bound to have fun with this game! It's not stuffed with complicated rules like other online word games out there. Kids can sit back, relax, and focus on enjoying the game rather than reading pages of strategies, techniques, walkthroughs, etc. BUT what about the self-professed experts of word games, won't they find this game boring for their skill level? My answer: NOT at all! This game is challenging enough even if you are a veteran with word games. You will surely find it interesting enough to keep on trying. This challenge to do better and surpass our personal best records is what appeals to experts of word games.

The rules of Savvygram are very simple... simple enough even for a 9-year old boy or girl to understand within a minute of reading. You have to figure out what the word is and you need to type it as fast as you can. When you key in the RIGHT word, it's automatically submitted. You don't even need to press Enter or any other key. On the other hand, if you type in the wrong word (if it's not submitted, then you need to change your answer), just press backspace and start over.

Just a couple of reminders, you have to keep an eye on the timer which is located on the top portion of the game's screen. Sometimes, though, looking at the timer pressures me so much that I can't think quickly. Anyway, if you are having a hard time figuring out the word, just press backspace. Hopefully, the new arrangement of the letters will give you an idea what the word is. If anything else fails, just skip the word rather than let it eat away your precious time. Remember, you only have 2 minutes for the whole game. To skip, press the semi colon button. Be reminded, though, that skipping would cost you 5 seconds. BUT if you think you would have taken longer in the effort to solve the puzzle, skipping would be worth it.

All in all, Savvygram is, without a doubt, one of the most absorbing and addictive word / kids games you could lay your hands on. The timer makes the game fast paced and exciting. It gives you enough time to tackle different word puzzles BUT it's not long enough that it seems to take forever. Along with that, the definitions are a nice twist. It makes the game a little less difficult... BUT it keeps challenging enough so it doesn't get boring. I can go all day talking about Savvygram, BUT nah, that's not too fun. Give the game a shot... I'm sure you will have A HECK LOT of fun!