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Rollercoaster Creator 2 Controls

If you have played drawing / kids games before, then the control scheme of Rollercoaster Creator 2 should be a piece of cake to handle. Just like most games within the genre, you just need to use your mouse (specifically the left click button). And of course, you need to keep your hands as steady as possible when you draw those rollercoaster tracks. You or your kid the first few levels of the game if you are not used to it, BUT with a little practice as well as increasing doses of experience and judgment, you should be good to go.

  • Rating: 4.42/5

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Rollercoaster Creator 2 Walkthrough

Physics-based and drawing kids games - this game genre has a very unique appeal. There's the Pencil Racer series. We also have Line Rider and Free Rider - games that have been awarded as best web toys a couple of years back. With these very popular drawing / kids games, you get to create your own level... you get to experience what it's like to be a developer to some extent - you can design the terrain; toss a power up or two over here and some more over there; put up obstacles that the game allows and those are just to name some of the stuff you can do. YES, these games are way ahead of your average drawing games.

It's easy to find yourself spending hour after hour all for the creation of that perfect track that has all of the FUN and challenging elements you could think of. That sounds like something I could do all day long. BUT then, not everybody wants to spend the rest of the day designing a level. Others may not find the act of designing obstacles, putting up challenges, etc. with their mouse exciting. Some, especially kids, would rather play. And if you belong in this category, then that's OK too... and more importantly, there are drawing games out there that give you exactly what you want... and Rollercoaster Creator 2 is an excellent game to get started with!

Well, the developer of Rollercoaster Creator 2 doesn't fancy weird game names and is quite straightforward in the naming department. The game's title says it all: in this game, with the help of your mouse and lots of wits and judgment, you need to create the track for your rollercoaster. Now, unlike other drawing web toys and games like I mentioned earlier, you don't need to start from scratch. Rather, you have to connect the 2 ends of the roller coaster, which presents its own set of challenges. While getting the coaster to the other end of the screen is the main objective, you definitely want the coaster to pass through the coins and collect them. This allows you to bag more money and keep your amusement park's finances in good shape.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that you have to satisfy your customers. So how do you get that done? Here's what: make your roller coaster thrilling enough and they will shower you thrill coins... which goes a long way in adding more points to your score. For kids and starters, here's a tip: speed is everything when it comes to making your roller coaster as thrilling as it could get. You need to give it enough acceleration for it to reach top speeds. To do that, you need to include sharp downward tracks (as long as the level allows you to). Anybody who rode a roller coaster would agree that these sharp downward tracks make a coaster ride infinitely MORE exciting!

There are some important tools at your disposal aside from the pen that lets you draw the tracks from scratch. While you can stick with your pen if you think you are that good, using these pre-made tracks will make your job much easier: (1) you can up the track, (2) install a steep drop, (3) create a loop, (4) down the track, and lastly, (5) you can have a steep incline. Combining these pre-made rollercoaster track parts with the hand-drawn (or rather mouse-drawn?) track parts is the key to creating the rollercoaster that does everything - thrill your customers, collect the coins, and safely gets to the other side of the screen.

Looking at it closely, it's more of a puzzle type drawing game with nice elements of physics tossed in. Kids may find it a little difficult at first BUT, again, all it takes is some practice. Not to mention the graphics, sound effects, and interface are all kid-friendly. Summing things up, this is one of those nice physics-based drawing / kids games that the whole family can enjoy.

Without a doubt, this is one of the hardest puzzle / kids games you could lay your hands on. And that's EXACTLY the reason why a lot of people LOVE it. Why not give it a shot and see for yourself?