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QWOP Controls

QWOP - this is, without a doubt, one of the weirdest-sounding game names around... especially when you consider that this is classified as a kids game. If you are wondering what's the game title about (which I'm sure you are), QWOP are the buttons you need to use for playing the game: (1) the Q and W buttons are for the 2 legs, and (2) the other pair, the O and P buttons, are for the calves. You are playing as an Olympic runner in this kids game and you need to make him run using the buttons above. "What?! Why do I need to control his leg movements?! Isn't he supposed to just run by pressing a button?" In your average puzzle / kids games, that's how it goes. Just press a button and you are good to go. BUT this is not an average game! In QWOP, you need to find the RIGHT combination of buttons and time your presses perfectly so your runner would run in the right direction... and believe me, it's hard. Majority of players - kids and grown-ups, either end up running backwards or just fall flat on their faces. Let's have a closer look at this game.

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QWOP Walkthrough

If you would do a survey to see the hardest game to play (quite an impossible thing to pull off if you'd ask me), different gamers would end up having different answers. RPG players will have their own answer. Lovers of RPG, RTS, and other genres would choose different games. HOWEVER, when it comes to casual and browser-based puzzle / kids games, it seems like gamers have held hands and came up with a unified answer to the 'hardest game' question. And this game is it: QWOP!

The objective of the game is very straightforward and easy to understand: you are playing as a runner... not an average runner by the way. You are competing in a 100-meter Olympic event. The goal, as you may have guessed, is to finish the race. And this takes greater importance when you realize that you are a one-man army. Your country doesn't have an Olympic team - it's just you and you ALONE! Aside from the fact that you are the sole representative of the country, the whole nation's finances have been strained in the effort to send you to the competition. So at least, give something back by finishing the race. And this is where things get challenging: getting to the finish line is not as easy as it sounds!

It's been out as a free and flash-based game for quite some time now. What's really odd is that this kids game (which is more like a different mode of torture than a kids game) is REALLY popular... so popular that an Apple iPhone version of QWOP was released a couple of months back. Now that speaks A LOT about how absorbing and popular this puzzle / kids game is.

Alright, enough with the game's background, back to where we are, in QWOP running isn't the easiest thing to do. That's something alien to you I'm sure. I mean we all know how to walk and run... we don't have to think about as it comes naturally. The closest thing you could compare to it is the feeling you get when you are hit by jet lag and excessive dizziness. You just can't get up and you feel as weak as a jelly. Take that and multiply the difficulty of movement 3 times - that's how hard it is to run in QWOP. Heck! Your runner can't even figure out on his own to keep his calves and legs coordinated. Standing up and keeping still is hard in QWOP... and running is almost impossible!

It sounds too challenging for a kids game, don't you think? Well, only a handful was able to figure out how to keep your runner running properly and in the right direction. I haven't seen a detailed walkthrough for it yet, BUT here are some tips and tricks that will surely help you:

Step 1 - To start off, you need to tap the Q button and hold down the P button. This will help your runner make his first step in the game.

Step 2 - Next, when you see his foot coming forward, switch to the other pair of buttons - O and W, and press them together. Hold them down until he makes his second step.

Step 3 - Lastly, make the third step by switching buttons once more. In conclusion, you just need to rinse and repeat the steps to get your runner finally running. Guaranteed, you won't run fast. You can kiss your dreams of finishing on first place goodbye. HOWEVER, do it long and consistent enough, and you should reach the finish line... just when everyone is packing up to go home. ?