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Prime Landing Controls

Prime Landing is controlled by the mouse. Simply click the yes or no button to answer if the displayed number is prime or not.

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Prime Landing Walkthrough

Prime Landing is a math game that helps students to memorize the prime numbers. This math game features simple controls and is appropriate for players of all ages, but the subject matter is geared towards children in elementary school and junior high school.

The objective of Prime Landing is to land your rocket ship on the landing pad within sixty seconds. In the lower-left corner of the screen, an integer will be displayed. In order to come in for a soft landing, you must answer whether or not the number is prime by clicking on the yes or no buttons in the lower-right corner of the screen. Answering correctly will put you on course for a proper landing, but making too many incorrect answers will cause your rocket to plummet to the ground. You have three lives in this math game. When all three rockets are lost, the game is over.

In order to safely land in this math game, you will need to know what a prime number is. A prime number is defined as any natural number (positive integer) greater than one whose only factors are one and itself. It is important to remember that one is not considered to be a prime number. Some teachers may teach their classes that one is a prime number, but that is not the case, and Prime Landing will certainly remind you! If you answer any question incorrectly, this math game will correct you, and will display the factors of non-prime numbers if you mistakenly answer yes for a non-prime number.

Prime Landing is a straight-forward math game that will challenge your recognition of prime numbers. Memorizing the prime numbers may seem unimportant, but doing so is useful for more advanced mathematical operations such as factoring or reducing fractions to lowest terms. Prime Landing is an excellent educational game for elementary school students, or older players that just want to practice their prime numbers!