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Polyn Controls

Polyn is controlled by using the mouse. Click on flowers to form words using the letters on each flower. Click on the bee in the upper-right corner to submit your words.

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Polyn Walkthrough

Polyn is a word game designed for kids presented by Dictionary.com. This kids game features cute graphics, an upbeat soundtrack, and three levels of difficulty.

The objective of Polyn is to form as many words as possible before time runs out. For a word to be accepted, it must be at least three letters in length and must be a valid English word. Slang terms and most proper nouns are not accepted. There are three difficulty levels in this kids game. Gameplay remains the same in all levels, but lower difficulty levels feature more flowers, making it easier to form words.

The mouse is used to control Polyn. Click on flowers on the stage to form words. Once you have formed the word of your choice, click on the bee to pollinate the flowers and submit your words. If you make a mistake, simply click on the flowers in the word entry area at the top of the screen to remove them. If you cannot form a word with the available flowers, you may click on the reset button in the upper-right of the screen to plant a field of flowers with new letters.

Like most word games, you can increase your score by spelling longer words in Polyn. Aside from this, using rare letters such as 'Q' or 'X' provides more points than using common letters. Finally, combinations can provide a score multiplier. Combinations are formed by using three or more flowers of the same color consecutively. Combos can carry over between words and help you to rack up big points! For a further scoring information, please consult this kid game's in-game instructions.

Although Polyn is designed for children, players of all ages can enjoy this kids game. If you are tired of buzzing around the Web in search of a fun word game for your kids (or for yourself), then stop by and give Polyn a play. You won't regret it!