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PiMon is controlled by using the mouse. Follow the pattern and click on the buttons in proper sequence.

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PiMon is a math game that is similar to the popular memorization game, Simon. This memory game features detailed graphics and simple controls.

If you are familiar with Simon, then the premise of PiMon will be easy for you to understand. The computer will play a sequence, and you must copy the sequence by clicking the appropriate buttons in the game's interface. If you input the proper sequence then the computer will add one more number to the sequence. If you fail to input the proper sequence, then this math game will end.

The purpose of PiMon is to help players learn the digits of Pi. In this modern age, one would not need to memorize all of the digits of Pi when we have tools that can do it for us. High-tech scientific calculators and for your developers out there, Math.PI, are all that we need, right? Well, assuming that there is no mass catastrophe that renders our technology useless, you may be right. Memorizing the digits of Pi does have its perks though. On March fourteenth (3/14, get it?), many schools and campuses have "Pi Day" celebrations where correctly reciting digits of Pi will earn you a slice of delicious pie. Who wouldn't want pie? Playing this math game now in preparation for Pi Day may result in a sweet reward later.

In all seriousness though, memorization is a skill the offers many cognitive benefits. Memorizing the basics of a subject makes it easier to learn the more advanced elements of the subject. Memorizing the digits of Pi may not have many rewards in an age where tools can do it for us, but practicing memorization can help one to exercise their mind, making it easier to memorize more critical subjects.

PiMon is a great math game for younger children to practice memorization, and is also a great tool for older players to keep a flexible mind. If you want to exercise your mind (or get a delicious slice of pie next March fourteenth) then give PiMon a try!