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Picross Quest Controls

Puzzle / kids games are known for their easy and straightforward controls, and Picross Quest is NOT an exception. A game played entirely with the mouse, the mechanics of this kids game is similar to the picross you played in paper. Also, there are some keyboard controls you surely want to keep in mind. For example, if you start off on the wrong square, just press space bar or ESC button without releasing the mouse. That's about everything you need to know as far as the control scheme of the game goes. Let's have a closer look at the game.

  • Rating: 4.43/5

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Picross Quest Walkthrough

If you are on the hunt for a free and kid-friendly logic puzzle game, Picross Quest is one that should be on your list. Kids and 'kids at heart' who enjoy puzzle games especially picross on papers and puzzle magazines will surely enjoy the digital incarnation of our all-time favorite puzzle game. Now, for those of you who haven't played picross (have you been hiding under a rock? ?), you should check out the in-game instructions. The tutorials in this game will teach you the basics of how this game goes - the ins, outs, and everything in between.

I have played A LOT of online kids games... picross games to be specific, and there's nothing quite like Picross Quest. I really like the addition of features that you can't find in other versions of picross. The space bar and ESC button (without releasing the mouse) if you started on the wrong square; X'ing out squares that don't work, etc. - these are just some of the additional features and niceties that make playing picross online all the BETTER. There's just one odd thing: sometimes, you don't finish a puzzle BUT the game, HOWEVER, counts it anyway. A small caveat BUT fixing that will surely not harm the game's good reputation.

This kids game very much reminds me of Armor Picross and Armor Picross 2... BUT in many ways, this game is so much better. For example: unlike in Armor Picross 2, you can drag a column or row that you want to cross out or make, and you don't have to pay attention to making a straight line... allowing you to get the job done faster. One thing I would like to suggest, though, is for the developers to make the switch from cross-out and normal picross faster. It's a little complicated and time consuming Say, what about pressing the space bar button (or a different button maybe) to switch? Again, a small / minor problem, BUT it would make the game so much better if this is fixed. Or should I say, this would make the game perfect!

As for the difficulty ramp and learning curve, this game definitely has it. However, Picross Quest won't throw you something you can't solve. While it will really challenge your wits, you won't reach a point where you need to pull your hairs out. Every level in Picross Quest is tough, BUT can be ultimately won. Summing things up, this is one of those games that gave me a few afternoons and evenings that are very entertaining. It's kid friendly, it showcases nice features you won't see in other picross games, the game's graphics are neat - give Picross Quest a shot and see what I'm talking about.