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PacXon Controls

The control scheme of PacXon is anything BUT complicated. This Pacman-like game is played using your keyboard... specifically the left, right, up and down arrow keys. Your cursor keys are for your character's movement. That's about it for the controls. Let's take a closer look at the game.

  • Rating: 4.14/5

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PacXon Walkthrough

Fill the empty space and capture those raging ghosts by building walls - this is your objective in this mash up of Pacman and Xonix. Well, I must agree that not all attempts of combining game elements in one package went well. Some of them end up rather really messed up... BUT not this one. PacXon is surprisingly fun and I was glad to see that the 2 kids games mentioned complement each other very well. Your objective in this addictive online game is to fill empty space and capture angry ghosts by building walls. As soon as you fill 75% or more empty space you will go to the next level.

As mentioned, the main idea behind this kids game is to keep condensing the empty space until you have trapped the ghosts in a tight container. As soon as you fill 75 percent the empty space (or more), you will automatically move on to the next level. So how do you proceed and trap these ghosts? Simple - you do this by successfully navigating Pacman across the uncovered area. HOWEVER, you shouldn't let the Ghosts touch Pac or the line you have created. While you are moving on a covered area, you can stop and go at will. BUT when you are crossing the uncovered area (the empty space), you need to keep moving until you reach the other side. With that said, you should plan your moves in advance. As you progress into the later stages of the game, MORE and MORE ghosts will be thrown your way. They are faster; they are varied; and they come in numbers!

At the beginning levels of the game, you only have to worry about the ghosts that move around. BUT don't get used to it. Don't get too relaxed. Sooner or later (sooner most of the time), you will have to deal with ghosts that can move inside the covered areas. Some ghosts can skim through the edges, and others are just overpowered - able to eat your walls! BUT don't worry. You are not alone in this battle. There are power ups you can pick up. These power ups can turn the tide of the battle in your favor. Some power ups slow down the ghosts significantly. Some, on the other hand, freeze them for a certain amount of time. Others allow you to eat them (payback time!) while some just give you extra points.

As for the graphics, they are not fantastic BUT they very well suit the Pacman theme. Looking at it, the players will surely appreciate some variety - perhaps changing the background or the music after every level. Summing things up, PacXon is quite engaging for a kids game. The ghost change-ups and the difficulty level do a good job of keeping me glued on my computer. Give it a shot and see what I'm talking about.