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Moon Type Controls

Moon Type is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the keyboard to type the words above enemies and destroy them. Press the F9 key to pause the game and the F8 key to mute the game.

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Moon Type Walkthrough

Moon Type is a simple typing game where you must defend the Moon from alien invaders. This kids game features simple controls, colorful graphics, and fitting background music.

Instead of using a conventional arsenal of weapons to defend the Moon, you will be using words in Moon Type. Type the words that appear above enemies, then press enter to destroy them. If you type in the wrong word, no enemies will be destroyed, but you will not be penalized either. If your enemies slip past your defenses and hit the Moon, you will lose health. Gameplay continues until you run out of health and the Moon is destroyed.

Moon Type starts simple with four-letter words (no, not those four letter words; this is a kids game after all), but as you progress, the words get longer and enemies become more numerous. As a rule of thumb, it is best to destroy the larger ships with longer words first, especially later in the game when they begin launching missiles. Missiles can be destroyed in a fashion similar to enemies, but destroying the larger ships that launch them can save you the pain of doing so. Powerups are also collected by typing the "words" (often Internet slang or "l33tspeak" rather than real words) that appear above them.

Moon Type is perfect for educators that are looking for a fun way to help their students to practice typing. This kids game is simple enough for young players to understand and it is entertaining without being gory or overstimulating. The game can be played in English or French, so it may also be of use in a French class!

Moon Type is a kids game where children can have a blast while improving their keyboarding skills. Although it is geared more towards children, this typing game can also be enjoyed by older players that wish to hone their keyboarding skills!