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A mash up of different kids games, the control scheme of Mini Games Ultimate depends on the mini game you chose. BUT worry not, it's anything BUT complicated. As long as your mouse and keyboard are working; as long as you know how to key in the right buttons, point, and click with your mouse; as long as you read the instructions for playing, you are good to go. Let's have a closer look at this game built from top to bottom for kids and 'kids at heart'.

  • Rating: 4.37/5

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Mini Games Ultimate - well, the developer sure knows how to keep the 'game title department' simple and straightforward. As the game's title suggests, this kids game is a combination... a mash-up of different mini games. Offering you a little bit of just about anything, Mini Games Ultimate is NOT just a good source of pure fun. It also helps you sharpen your gaming skills... getting you ready for MORE complicated online games. The mini games packed here focuses on different skills like mouse control; navigation with the arrow keys; building typing speed, and those are just to name a few. If you just came out of the rock you have been hiding under, this is an excellent introduction to the world of online gaming. On the other hand, if you have been playing for quite some time, this should provide you good overall practice and even challenge you a bit.

If you are looking for a mini game that will help you control your mouse better (perhaps you want to play online archery games, shooting games, kids games, etc.), Quad Maze is an excellent choice... and it's included in the bunch. Comet, another game in Mini Games Ultimate, will help you use your mouse in a quick BUT still precise way. If you want to be better at shooter or sniper games, this mini game is a 'MUST Check Out' for you.

Truck Launch, another mini game within the mix, will show you how to use the arrow keys and how to build speed with a virtual vehicle. Along with that, it allows you to adjust the ramp so you get to use different types of ramps in the game. If you want to get into BMX bike games, this mini game is a good introduction. Surfer - this mini game helps you get used to thinking on your feet (and QUICKLY) while using your arrow keys. If you want to play action packed and fast paced games like stick figure games, action games, etc., give Surfer a shot to help you develop those lightning fast reflexes that are necessary in these games. Don't worry about the controls as it is played entirely with the arrow keys on your keyboard.

They all sound nice for sure. BUT in this mash up of kids games, the best, my opinion, is the Type Test mini game. After all, good typing skills can take you places. This kids typing game will help you learn where the number keys are on your keyboard; accustoms you to the most common format used in online typing games; and those are just to name a few. Summing things up, if you are on the hunt for kids games that have a little bit of everything and, above all, FUN, Mini Games Ultimate is one that you should check out.