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Mind Flipper Controls

Mind Flipper is controlled by using the mouse. Click on letters to join them and form words. Click the submit button to submit your word or clear button to clear it. You may also press the enter key to submit your word or use the backspace to remove letters.

  • Rating: 4.3/5

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Mind Flipper Walkthrough

Mind Flipper is a word game with simple controls. Since this word game is so simple, it may also appeal to children or be a useful tool for parents or educators.

The goal of Mind Flipper is to form words by clicking on the ties, then click the submit button (or press the enter key) when you are ready to submit the word. Letters that are added to the word must be adjacent vertically, horizontally, or diagonally from the last letter that was clicked, and must be clicked in the correct order to spell out a word. For a word to be accepted, it must be a valid word of the English language that is at least three-letters long. Words that are submitted will be listed to the right of the screen and cannot be used again for the duration of the current round. There are five rounds in this word game, each lasting for one and a half minutes (ninety seconds). A new board is presented at the beginning of each round, and the list of words is cleared.

Since Mind Flipper is such a simple game, children may be able to enjoy it. This word game can be a useful tool to help students learn how to spell. Since there is no list of words to be found, kids will be able to test their ability to creatively solve problems and take the initiative. Bigger words score more points, but the small size of the field of letters means that smaller words will be more prevalent, another point that makes this word game ideal for children.

Mind Flipper is a word game that provides great mental exercise for older gamers and children alike. If you enjoy word puzzle games or if you want a game that your child can play that will be entertaining as well as mind-stimulating, then you will flip out for Mind Flipper!