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Magic Words Controls

The control scheme of Magic Words is quite weird compared to other word / kids games out there in the internet. If you are used to using your keyboard to play word games, then you will be surprised that the game is played entirely with the mouse. Use your mouse and click to select and deselect letters. If you need to pause the game (to buy some time most likely), just move your mouse away from the screen. While the controls are kind of 'off' for a word game, this shouldn't be too hard. A little bit of practice is all it should take to get a hang of it.

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Magic Words Walkthrough

Magic Words - nah, you won't play as some treasure hunter in search of fortune in a mystic cave that opens ONLY when you say the magic word. In this word / kids game, you are some student trapped in a fantasy world of letters. Sounds like an adventure, heh? Yeah, the beginning story is nice, BUT it really doesn't progress from that and it doesn't have anything to do with the game. It would have been really nice if it's somewhat relevant to the game, BUT it's not. Add the fact that the control scheme with the mouse is really odd and you may end up deselecting words that are accidentally used. Anyway, don't let that turn you off. This word / kids game can be really fun as you will see.

Magic Words is divided with 2 game modes that are somewhat similar: (1) there's the Action Mode and then the (2) Puzzle Mode. Let's take a look at the Action Mode first. In this game mode, you are given limited time to form enough words and reach the top of the score board. With that in mind, you have to work quickly and utilize every single word that comes in the grid. HOWEVER, being the 'exploit the loophole' kind of guy that I am, I will show you a trick that allows you to take your time and bag the HIGHEST score possible. Let me introduce you to the 'Screenshot' technique.

Screenshot Technique - As the name suggests, this involves using the screenshot or 'Print Screen' button (or whatever keyboard button does that). First off, pause the game anytime by moving your mouse outside of the game's screen. Doing, so by the way, removes the letters on the screen. BUT with the help of the screenshot button, you can still keep track of what the letters are and derive words from it. Press the 'Print Screen' button, pause the game, and open up your MS Paint. Next, right click anywhere on the canvas and select paste (or you can use the CTRL+V shortcut key). And there you go! You can take your time and come up with the best word to use... allowing you to bag as many points as possible. Once you are done jotting down the words, just move your mouse back to the game's screen. With this technique, you can invade the top score boards without breaking a sweat.

Next, there is the Puzzle Mode. Unlike the Action Mode, there are no time limits in this game mode. HOWEVER, to make it challenging, the goal or score is way higher. But that shouldn't be a problem. You can take your time and come up with the best words possible. Keep in mind, however, that you have a limited amount of words to submit. Now, if you are really that desperate to have your name inscribed on the high score list, you can use an anagram solver... BUT that won't be fun for sure.

The sound effects are cheesy; the music is quite annoying; the controls are weird... BUT what's even weirder is that this is STILL a FUN game to play! That's especially true when you have the 'RIGHT tools' to bag that HIGH score. Anyway, look beyond the shortcomings and just play the game. I'm sure you will like it.