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Line Rider Controls

Select tool using the mouse and the left mouse button. Draw a line by clicking with the left mouse button and dragging the mouse. Finish drawing a line by releasing the left mouse button. 'Q' will also select the pencil tool, 'W' will select the line tool, and 'E' will select the erase tool. Zoom in or out using the zoom tool or 'R'. 'Y' will play the simulation. 'U' will stop the simulation. 'I' will select the flag tool. 'O' saves your current track. 'P' erases your current track. In track editor mode 'Home' will take you to the starting point, 'End' will take you to the end of the last line drawn, 'F' will take you to the flag if you've placed a flag, 'Backspace' will delete the last line drawn and 'Tab' will show you the whole track. Pressing 'Tab' a second time will zoom in around your cursor. During simulation 'M' will put you in or take you out of slow motion mode while 'Z' and 'X' will zoom the camera. Hold 'D' and use your mouse to move the starting point to a new position. Hit 'shift' and 'D' to return the starting point to its original position.

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Line Rider Walkthrough

Line Rider is an entertaining drawing game that puts you in charge of creating a course for your rider to ride over using different types of lines. You can make the track as easy as complicated as you like and even flag the track so you can stop and edit the track without having to start over from the beginning. While it might not seem like an educational game, it really is. This excellent drawing game helps your kids strengthen their logic and problem solving skills and will help them learn how to identify what tool they need to accomplish a specific task. It isn't really an easy game and it can be frustrating, but it is a lot of fun and will make sure your kids are entertained while they're learning.

In Line Rider, you have two basic tools at your disposal when you're drawing the lines for your track. This is fairly common in the world of online drawing games, but this one offers enough extras to set it apart from the pack. Most people just starting out with online drawing games are going to want to stick with the line tool until they have a little more control over their mouse. The line tool will draw a straight line from one point to another. The pencil tool also allows you to draw lines, but they're freehand lines making it a bit more difficult to draw it cleanly. These tools alone help your child develop hand eye coordination which is definitely an important skill you want to help your children strengthen.

Swatches are a neat addition to Line Rider that you won't get in many other drawing games. Each type of swatch (the colored blocks below your tools) offers a different behavior for the lines you draw. Blue lines are just regular lines. Red lines are acceleration lines and green lines are scenery lines. When your rider hits a red line they will speed up, while on blue lines they will travel at a normal rate of speed. Lines drawn in green are simply scenery. When your rider encounters a green line, they will not interact with it at all. The ability to draw scenery gives the game a bit of a more personalized feel which kids especially are going to enjoy.

The greatest thing about Line Rider is that it isn't just about drawing lines but also about choosing what type of line you'll need to use to get the rider to do what you want it to do. Each line (aside from scenery lines) has a floor and a ceiling. Your rider will be able to drive over the floors but will be stopped at the ceilings. You can definitely use these features to create a much more complicated track. The key is remembering the differences between the two types of line. A floor line is created by drawing the line from left to right. To draw a ceiling, you'll need to draw the line from right to left. You can also hold 'shift' while drawing the line to switch it to ceiling or floor depending on which you want to draw. Once drawn, floor lines will be shown with colored side on top and the black line on the bottom. The opposite is true for ceiling lines. Challenge your kids to use the different types of lines to create the most complicated track they can create with the only rule being that the rider must be able to make it all the way to the end of the track.

Overall, Line Rider is an excellent drawing game that will help your child strengthen their logic and problem solving skills while also keeping them entertained. This isn't your typical educational game because most of the time, your child will not even realize they're learning as they play. In addition, the game also helps your child nurture their creative side; showing them that being creative and using their imagination can also be a lot of fun. With all of the options the game features, you can pretty much create any track you imagine. Challenge them to make it interesting for themselves instead of relying on someone else to make it interesting for them. This is a game that will hold their attention and one you don't have to mind them getting hooked on.