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Key Master 3 Controls

Key Master 3 is controlled by using the keyboard. Type in words by using your keyboard. The mouse is used to interact with the game's interface.

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Key Master 3 Walkthrough

Key Master 3 is the third typing game in the Key Master series. Key Master 3 features improved graphics and animation over its predecessors, simpler controls, and a more straightforward interface. Key Master 3 is an excellent typing game for children to have fun while practicing their keyboarding, but there is some bloodshed, so parental discretion is advised.

The objective of Key Master 3 is to hold out against hordes of monsters until you are able to collect all ten keys. The game ends in victory when all ten keys are acquired, or defeat if your wizard runs out of health. To defeat enemies and to collect objects, you must type in the word that appears beneath them. If you want to survive in this action-packed typing game, it should be noted that when units are attacking you, their words will appear in a "Critical Word List" displayed at the top of the screen.

Key Master 3 features four difficulty levels. The higher the difficulty level, the more numerous enemies will be. Enemies also move much faster at higher difficulty levels. Children should play this typing game at lower difficulty levels to avoid being overwhelmed or discouraged. After mastering the easier difficulty levels, advanced students may wish to proceed to the higher difficulty levels.

Unlike previous iterations of the Key Master series, Key Master 3 does not require you to press enter at the end of each word. If you make an error in typing, the letter will not be input, so there is no need to press the backspace either. The spacebar will have to be used if an item has multiple words beneath it (such as "metal key", however)

Key Master 3 is a typing game that offers entertainment as well as educational value. The blood and monsters may make the game inappropriate for very young children that may scare easily, but there is nothing excessively gory or scary in Key Master 3, so with adult supervision it can be used as a useful tool to help in typing practice!