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Incredibots 2 Controls

If you have played the original Incredibots game, or if you have played games from the same genre (physics-based kids games), playing Incredibots 2 should be easy for you. Just like the previous installment, this game is played entirely with the mouse. Everything you do is point with your mouse and click the left click button. Whether it's drawing the lines for your 'soon to be' robot; changing the gravity, weight, and other properties of your contraption; connecting plain shapes and installing joints; and bringing it to life, everything is done with the mouse. Oh! One more thing you need to have: a creative mind! This kids game takes robot creation to the next level. Check it out.

  • Rating: 4.05/5

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Incredibots 2 Walkthrough

Are you one of the HUGE fans of the original Incredibots game? Can't wait for the follow up? Well, you don't have to wait anymore! Incredibots 2 is here and it's ready when you are. Just like the original game, this has to be one of the most flexible physics-based kids games out there... even more flexible than the original game as you will see later. The objective of the game is very straightforward: you need to create your very own physics-based robot out of normal and plain-looking shapes. Now, if you think you are up to it, you can even create your own scenario or movie with the tools you get in Incredibots 2!

Is Incredibots 2 really better than the first game or is it just the same game with a different name? I have to say that it's the former. Matter of fact, I'd rate it a notch or two higher than the original game.

What made Incredibots 2 better than the prequel is that its way easier to play. The interface, the process of adjusting the properties for your robot's parts, and everything in between are way easier than ever. For one thing, in Incredibots 2, you can move groups of different parts and pieces for your contraption around the game's screen. To do that, all you need to do is click and drag your mouse. That's something the original game doesn't have. And to take your robot creation experience to the next level, there are more adjustable variable in the second game. Back in the first game, for example, gravity is constant. BUT in Incredibots 2, you can now tweak it to your heart's delight.

HOWEVER, there's one thing you need to keep in mind.

This game has taken the level editor path rather than being a game. YES, the missions, challenges, and tasks that players enjoyed in the first game are nowhere to be found in Incredibots 2. In the single player mode, these challenges and tasks are the center of attraction. If you love the Sandbox Mode more... the mode that allows you to start from scratch and create your own environment, robots, etc., then the omission of the challenges and tasks shouldn't be much of an issue for you. BUT if you are looking for challenges to get over; if you are the sort of gamer who can't live with games that doesn't have any scoring system... games that don't allow your name to be published on the scoreboards, I'm sorry to say BUT you have to stick with the first game.

To compensate for this, HOWEVER, the game (or rather level editor) design encourages you to make your very own challenges and tasks! Heck, you will find a lot of user made Incredibots 2 challenges out there in the internet. With the usual player being elevated to the rank of a developer and designer, the omission of the challenges and tasks shouldn't be too bad.