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Ice Cream Truck Controls

Ice Cream Truck is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface. Detailed instructions are given in the game.

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Ice Cream Truck Walkthrough

Ice Cream Truck is a business simulation game that puts you in the role of an ice cream man. Although it is a tycoon game, Ice Cream Truck focuses on the mathematical aspect of resource management. This mathematics game tests all four arithmetic operations as well as graph-reading skills.

The objective of Ice Cream Truck is to reach your monetary goal within ten days. If you manage to meet or surpass your goal, then you will move on to the next city where your goal will be higher. Failure to meet your goal in this math game will result in loss.

When you're in business, it takes money to make money. In Ice Cream Truck, you will have to buy supplies to keep your inventory stocked. Buying supplies tests your multiplication and division skills, since you will have to buy a quantity of supplies at a given price. Buying in bulk reduces the price-per-item, so try to buy the largest quantity that you can afford to save money.

You must also manage how much ice cream and the amount of toppings that you wish to include in each cone that you sell. The number of servings that you can sell is limited by the amount of cones, ice cream, and toppings in your inventory. Try to set your price so that you can make a profit off of the ingredients that you buy, but don't set your price too high, or your popularity will plummet, dragging your profits with it!

After each day, you are presented with two graphs that plot your money and popularity. These graphs are a great addition to this math game and may be useful for students learning how to read simple line graphs. This also shows the importance of recordkeeping when running a business.

Ice Cream Truck is a delightful math game that also teaches the concept of supply and demand. Although the graphics and content of this math game are geared towards elementary school students, the economical and business aspects of Ice Cream Truck may make it useful for students in high school economics classes as well. Any way you scoop it, Ice Cream Truck is an excellent math game and tycoon game blended into one!