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Free Rider Controls

Select tools using the mouse. Use tools using the mouse and the left mouse button. Reset the track using 'space'. Scroll the screen using 'ctrl'. Drive using the arrow keys. Rotate your bike using 'x'.

  • Rating: 3.86/5

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Free Rider Walkthrough

Free Rider is an excellent BMX bike game that puts you in charge of creating the kind of track you want to race on. You have three basic tools for creating your track; the pencil tool to draw lines, the eraser tool to erase lines and the 'star' tool to set goals. How you decide to use those tools and what kind of track you create is entirely up to you. This is a great game for fans of BMX bike games or for parents looking for fun games that can teach their kids a variety of skills without making their child feel like they're learning.

Thee greatest thing about Free Rider is that unlike many of the other online BMX bike games that allow you to create your own track, this one is very simple and straight forward. There aren't a ton of additional options that make some of the other games a little too complicated for younger kids. This one allows you to take control and build a track that's as easy or as complicated as you want it to be without being weighted down with a lot of extra features you just don't need. Younger kids will be able to build and ride on a track they've created themselves, challenging them to use creative thinking to make the game entertaining. This game helps your child develop their imagination; something many of the other BMX bike games online just don't offer.

In addition to challenging your child to be creative, Free Rider also helps your child develop their problem solving skills and basic physics skills. In this game, your child can actually see how drawing a line at a certain angle will impact the bike. If it causes them to crash and there's no way to get over it, your child will have to figure out how to correct the problem either using more lines of track or using the eraser. The more they play, though, the less often those problem areas are going to show up. They'll be learning how to use the lines to make the bike do what they want it to do.

Overall, Free Rider is a BMX bike game that puts the focus on creativity instead of just controlling the bike. While you need to have decent control over your bike if you want to do well in the game once you start riding on your track, the real fun of this one lies in building the track itself. Your kids are going to love learning when learning is this much fun which, in itself is a great benefit of the game. It helps your kids understand that learning doesn't always have to feel like work and that even educational activities can be a good time. In addition, the problem solving aspect of the game will really give your kids a leg up in school and will help them develop their logic skills - all while playing a great little BMX bike game. This is definitely a game you can feel good about your kids getting hooked on.