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Fraction Poker Controls

Fraction Poker is controlled by using the mouse. Click deal to start. Click on equivalent fractions, then click on draw.

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Fraction Poker Walkthrough

Fraction Poker is a math game that focuses on equivalent fractions. This educational game features simple controls and graphics along with gameplay that follows some of the basic rues of five-car poker.

Fraction Poker plays similar to video poker games in casinos. To begin a hand, click on the deal button. You begin this mathematics game with twenty chips, and each hand that is dealt costs five chips. When you have received you hand, click on equivalent fractions to keep them in your hand. After clicking the draw button, cards that you have not selected will be discarded, and you will receive replacement cards. The score that you receive for each hand is determined by the cards that you have selected. Selecting a pair will reward you with five chips, a three-of-a-kind rewards ten chips, a four-of-a-kind rewards twenty chips, and a five-of-a-kind rewards forty chips. This math game could potentially go on indefinitely, but when you are ready to quit, click on the cash out button. Fraction Poker will also end if you run out of chips.

If you are a die-hard poker player, then Fraction Poker is not for you. Hands such as two-pairs, royal flushes, and full houses are not present in this math game. Instead, the focus here is learning about equivalent fractions. Each hand that you are dealt will have at least two equivalent fractions, but may have up to five. The cards that you draw do not seem to have an effect on your score.

In order to do well in Fraction Poker, it is important to know what equivalent fractions are. Equivalent fractions are fractions that are equal in value despite looking different. To tell if two fractions are equivalent, you may reduce the fractions to lowest terms. To reduce a fraction, divide both the numerator (top number) and denominator (bottom number) by common factors until you can divide no further. Do this to each of the five fractions presented to you in each hand of this math game, and select the fractions that come out equal.

Fraction Poker is a creative way to learn and to practice equivalent fractions and factoring. I suggest this game from grade school children that are studying fractions, or for those that just want to brush up on their mathematical skills.