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Fast Typer features keyboard control. Type in the words that appear on screen using the keyboard.

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Fast Typer is a simple typing game that is great for children that are learning how to type. This kids game features a straightforward interface without fancy graphics, but this makes it easy for children to focus on the goal of learning to type.

The objective of Fast Typer is to type as many six-letter words as possible within sixty seconds. The words that you are required to spell are displayed one at a time. Use the keyboard to spell out the word. If the player types the word correctly, a point will be gained and the next word will be given. If a mistake is made, the next word is given but a point will not be gained. This typing game reaches its end when sixty seconds are up. There is no way to gain extra time and no points will be given for incomplete words at the end of the game.

Fast Typer will not teach players how to type fast, but it can be used as a tool to practice typing and gradually speed up over time. Players should have some basic knowledge of the keyboard before playing this typing game. Do not be upset if you end up with a low score your first time playing. Keep practicing and eventually you will increase your score, as well as improve your typing skill, which is a valuable asset in today's workplace.

In order to do well in this typing game, focus on typing the words on the screen, not the time. You will find that it is easier to type in more words if you ignore the clock. It is also easier to type in more words if you can stay focused on the screen instead of looking down at the keys. Beginning typists may have to look down at the keys, but with enough practice and hands placed on the proper keys in the home row, they will eventually be able to type while remaining focused on the monitor.

Fast Typer provides excellent typing practice for children or those that wish to learn or practice keyboarding skills. Fast Typer is a great learning tool for children that need an interactive method of practicing typing without becoming overstimulated.