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Factor Feeder is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move your character.

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Factor Feeder is an educational math game that focuses on factoring. This math game features simple graphics and may not be very challenging for older players, but it is a great educational tool for children learning multiplication and division, as well as for older students that want to sharpen their mathematical skills.

The objective of Factor Feeder is to travel around the maze, eating numbers that are factors of the level's given integer. If you eat all of the factors of the given number, then you will advance to the next level. Eating an incorrect number or touching a monster will cost you one life. When you lose all four of your lives, the game is over. The instructions of this math game state that you will receive a bonus for additional time, but I did not notice any timer and the "Time Bonus" did not decrease. Despite this error, Factor Feeder is still a well-made educational game that younger students are sure to enjoy.

If you are familiar with the arcade classic, Pac-Man, then the gameplay of Factor Feeder should not be too difficult to pick up. Instead of pellets, you must eat numbers that are factors of the level's designated number. If you recall, a factor is an integer that divides a number evenly with no remainder. It may also help to know that a factor of a factor of a number is also a factor of the larger number. Finally, the number one is a factor of all positive integers. You only need to worry about positive integers in this math game.

Factor Feeder is a simple educational game with few bells and whistles, but it serves it purpose well. This math game is excellent practice for young students that are learning about about multiplication, division, and factoring. Not only is factor Feeder an educational mathematics game, but it is also entertaining!