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Excuses Excuses is controlled by the keyboard. Type in words as they appear in the thought bubbles.

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An old saying goes, "Excuses are like armpits. Some are large, some are small, but they all stink." That may be true in general, but not in the case of Excuses Excuses, a typing game geared towards school children. This kids game features vibrant graphics, simple controls, and completely non-violent gameplay.

The objective of Excuses Excuses is to type the excuses that appear in thought bubbles as quickly as possible. Every error that you make results in a penalty to your score (it is even possible for your score to drop below zero in this typing game). Failing to type the excuses fast enough will make the teacher angry. If her patience level drops to zero, then it's game over! You are given a bit of a break every time you complete a level (or "day"), however, since her patience level will reset to five.

The premise and controls of Excuses Excuses are extremely simple, making it perfect for young players. There are a few things that you should be aware of before playing this kids game, however. Firstly, some phrases consist of multiple words. Type these words as they appear and use the spacebar for the space, just as you would in a word processor. Some words or phrases contain contractions, but do not use apostrophes. Type these words without using apostrophes, just as they appear. If you try to use an apostrophe, you will be penalized.

Most typing games on the Web feature violence of some form, whether is be shooting down aliens or fighting zombies. Excuses Excuses does not use violence at all, making it a great "edutainment" asset for use in classrooms. The only downside to this kids game is that it may influence students to try to weasel their way out of their assignments...

If you are an educator looking for a non-violent typing game to help your students, then look no further. With Excuses Excuses, your students will not have any excuses to improve their typing while having fun!