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Doodle Blast Controls

Doodle Blast is controlled by using the mouse. Click and drag to draw lines.

  • Rating: 3.88/5

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Doodle Blast is a kids game where puzzles are solved by drawing. This puzzle game features sketch-stylized art, simple controls, and fifteen levels.

The goal of Doodle Blast is to get marbles into the jar on each level. It is not necessary for all of the marbles to fall into the jar; to pass each level, you only need enough marbles in the jar to fill it up to the dotted-line. You can gain more points by getting all of the marbles in the jar, however. Your progress is automatically saved, so you can play on any unlocked level the next time that you load this puzzle game.

Doodle Blast uses simple mouse controls. Click and drag anywhere on the stage to draw. After you are finished drawing, click the play button in the upper-right corner to put the marbles in motion. Your ink supply is limited in the kids game, so try to draw short lines whenever possible. Not only will you be able to cover all of the necessary areas of the screen, but you earn bonus points for conserving ink. Remember that you can always replay levels to improve your score, so it is probably best to get the minimum number of marbles into the jar using as much ink as necessary to unlock the next level, then play through the game a second time to improve your score on each level.

Doodle Blast is great for kids since it is fun without being violent. Although this kids game is not designed to be educational, it can still serve as mental exercise. Kids can learn how to conserve resources by minimizing their usage of ink. Of course, this game also serves as an exercise of cause-and-effect and simple physics. The cognitive abilities of visual-spatial processing and anticipation are also used since players will have to take note of the positions of objects and anticipate how they will move in order to properly place lines.

Doodle Blast is a drawing game that as its name implies, is a blast! This puzzle game can be a quick appetizer for grown ups, or an outstanding kids game for the younger gamers out there!