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DinoKids: Trash Typer Controls

DinoKids: Trash Typer is controlled by using the keyboard. Type the appears below each trash item, then press enter. Use the mouse to bring focus to the typing field and to click the pause button if you need to pause the game.

  • Rating: 3.45/5

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DinoKids: Trash Typer Walkthrough

DinoKids: Trash Typer is a typing game in the DinoKids series of kids games. This educational games features cartoonish graphics, straightforward gameplay, and four levels of difficulty.

The goal of DinoKids: Trash Typer is to clear trash from the ocean. Instead of calling Captain Planet, players will take to their submarine and type words below pieces of trash to destroy them. Players begin this typing game with three lives; if a piece of garbage reaches the ocean floor, then one life will be lost. Lives can be regained by typing in words that appear below extra life powerups. This typing game allows players a maximum of four lives at any given time.

The four difficulty levels featured in DinoKids: Trash Typer are easy, normal, hard, and expert. The game starts on easy, but increases in difficulty as you progress. Your progress on the current level is indicated by a blue bar in the lower-left corner of the screen. When this bar is filled, the game will increase in difficulty. The higher difficulty levels of this kids game may still seem easy for adults and older students, but they will certainly be a challenge for students of primary grades that are beginners at typing.

Since it is non-violent, DinoKids: Trash Typer is an excellent choice for parents and educators that are trying to help their kids learn how to type. This kids game can provide great typing practice, but it does not teach typing, however. Parents and educators should encourage their kids to use proper typing techniques when playing to get the full educational value out of the game. It is possible to earn a high score while still looking at the keyboard, but this game isn't just about score, it is also about learning.

DinoKids: Trash Typer is a non-violent typing game that is ideal for elementary school children that are learning how to type. This game may not be challenging enough for older players, but it is a kids game after all and should prove challenging enough for its target audience.