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Count the Cubes Controls

Count the Cubes is controlled by using the mouse or the keyboard. Input the number of cubes by clicking on the number buttons using your mouse followed by the submit button. You may also input the number using the number keys on your keyboard and submit your answer by using the enter key.

  • Rating: 3.4/5

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Count the Cubes Walkthrough

Count the Cubes is a simple math game that tests both visual skills and counting skills. This counting game is excellent for children in kindergarten or lower grades in elementary school. Older students may also find this math game useful as a building block for more advanced mathematical concepts.

The objective of Count the Cubes is to count all of the cubes present on the stage as quickly as possible. The faster you count the cubes, the more bonus points you will be rewarded with. Be careful, because answering incorrectly will cost you one thousand points. In order to beat this math game, you must correctly count the cubes on ten levels. The levels will be different each time you play Count the Cubes.

Count the Cubes has a simple gameplay premise, but this is a good thing since the game is designed for children in the primary grades of elementary school. This counting game will teach students how to quickly count objects, and is a great tool to learn and practice how to quickly count by twos or other multiples as well as how to use addition as a shortcut when counting. Count the Cubes is also a useful tool for training spatial visualization since players will have to visualize and manipulate three-dimensional objects in their mind.

Students of geometry may also find the visual-spatial aspect of this educational game useful. Solid geometry often deals with three-dimensional objects displayed on a two-dimensional surface such as paper or a computer screen. Since Count the Cubes presents this type of scenario, it allows geometry students to practice visualizing three-dimensional solids from given two-dimensional representations of them.

Count the Cubes is a simple, straightforward mathematics game that is geared towards young children. Despite its target audience, older players may also find Count the Cubes useful for exercising their mental and visual faculties.