Top Word Games

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    Mind Flipper

    4.3/5 Rating

    70,188 Plays

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    Mind Flipper is a word game with simple controls. Since this word game is so simple, it may also appeal to children or be a useful tool for parents or educators. The goal of Mind Flipper is to form words by...

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    Clockwords: Act I

    4.36/5 Rating

    35,193 Plays

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    Part tower defense game and part typing game, Clockwords: Act I is one of the most unique and exciting typing games online. It's perfect for parents trying to help their children improve their spelling ability and increase their typing speed,...

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    Semantic Wars

    4.23/5 Rating

    22,729 Plays

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    Semantic Wars is an excellent tower defense game perfect for adults and kids alike. This is a great game you can play with your kids or that you can play on your own to get a high score and then...

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    The Wizard's Notebook

    4.07/5 Rating

    15,884 Plays

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    The Wizard's Notebook is an excellent word game that features a unique and challenging premise and excellent graphics. It's entirely engrossing and incredibly addictive. The only real problem with this one is quite simple - if you're running a slower...

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    3.33/5 Rating

    11,574 Plays

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    Savvygram - it has all of the elements that a kids word game should have: it's simple enough for kids to understand and it's challenging and fun to keep them interested. The objective of the game is very easy: you...

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    Clockwords: Prelude

    4.07/5 Rating

    11,566 Plays

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    Clockwords: Prelude is the first game in the Clockwords series of word games. Clockwords: Prelude features amazingly-illustrated cartoon graphics that will appeal to children, forty levels, and an intriguing storyline. Clockwords: Prelude puts you in the role of an inventor on...

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    Word Grid

    4.07/5 Rating

    11,114 Plays

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    Word Grid is a nifty word game that is fun for gamers of all ages. Word Grid features simple graphics, easy-to-learn controls, and unique gameplay! Word Grid features three game modes. The common goal of all game modes is to spell...

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    Magic Words

    3.4/5 Rating

    8,973 Plays

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    Magic Words - nah, you won't play as some treasure hunter in search of fortune in a mystic cave that opens ONLY when you say the magic word. In this word / kids game, you are some student trapped in...

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    4.48/5 Rating

    8,084 Plays

    Play Wordsmith

    Wordsmith is a word game created by Coolio Niato. As can be expected from this developer, Wordsmith is well-made and features great graphics, amazing jazzy background music, simple controls, and even voice-overs! The objective of Wordsmith is to form words by...

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    Word Reactor

    5/5 Rating

    6,734 Plays

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    Word Reactor is a simple-to-play word game. Word Reactor's simple controls and colorful graphics make it an excellent game to keep children occupied. Word Reactor has nine challenges, each with their own goals. To view the goals and gameplay mechanics of...