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    Fast Typer 2

    4.17/5 Rating

    63,094 Plays

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    Fast Typer 2 is a fun and addictive typing game that will help you strengthen your typing skills while it keeps you entertained. The actual premise of the game isn't really that uncommon in the world of online typing games....

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    Jumping Caterpillar

    3.85/5 Rating

    52,227 Plays

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    I'm not someone to deny that it took me quite some time to figure out what was going on in Jumping Caterpillar. This is not your average typing / kids game. Other online and flash-based typing games help you build...

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    Clockwords: Act I

    4.36/5 Rating

    35,193 Plays

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    Part tower defense game and part typing game, Clockwords: Act I is one of the most unique and exciting typing games online. It's perfect for parents trying to help their children improve their spelling ability and increase their typing speed,...

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    4.48/5 Rating

    31,938 Plays

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    Keymory is an excellent typing based memory game in which you are challenged to find all of the matching pictures under each letter tile by flipping the letter tiles with your keyboard. It is far from easy, but it is...

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    Fast Typer

    4.23/5 Rating

    29,440 Plays

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    Fast Typer is a simple typing game that is great for children that are learning how to type. This kids game features a straightforward interface without fancy graphics, but this makes it easy for children to focus on the goal...

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    Mini Games Ultimate

    4.37/5 Rating

    27,926 Plays

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    Mini Games Ultimate - well, the developer sure knows how to keep the 'game title department' simple and straightforward. As the game's title suggests, this kids game is a combination... a mash-up of different mini games. Offering you a little...

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    Key Master 3

    4.63/5 Rating

    26,675 Plays

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    Key Master 3 is the third typing game in the Key Master series. Key Master 3 features improved graphics and animation over its predecessors, simpler controls, and a more straightforward interface. Key Master 3 is an excellent typing game for...

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    Word War I

    4.15/5 Rating

    17,769 Plays

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    Word War I is a typing game that challenges players' typing skill and word recognition skill. This word game features cute graphics that children can enjoy, soothing music, and two different game modes. As a side note of trivia,...

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    Excuses Excuses

    4.04/5 Rating

    15,214 Plays

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    An old saying goes, "Excuses are like armpits. Some are large, some are small, but they all stink." That may be true in general, but not in the case of Excuses Excuses, a typing game geared towards school children. This...

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    Alpha Attack

    4.1/5 Rating

    13,918 Plays

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    Alpha Attack is an action-packed typing game appropriate for players of all ages. Alpha Attack features awesome sprite graphics, a catchy soundtrack, and challenging gameplay that provides great typing practice for kids. The objective of Alpha Attack is to protect your...

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    Trash Typer

    3.97/5 Rating

    13,857 Plays

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    Trash Typer is a straightforward typing game designed for children. This kids game features colorful graphics, a simple concept, and nonviolent gameplay making it excellent for elementary students. The objective of Trash Typer is to clean the ocean by typing in...

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    DinoKids: Trash Typer

    3.45/5 Rating

    12,283 Plays

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    DinoKids: Trash Typer is a typing game in the DinoKids series of kids games. This educational games features cartoonish graphics, straightforward gameplay, and four levels of difficulty. The goal of DinoKids: Trash Typer is to clear trash from the ocean. Instead...

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    Clockwords: Prelude

    4.07/5 Rating

    11,566 Plays

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    Clockwords: Prelude is the first game in the Clockwords series of word games. Clockwords: Prelude features amazingly-illustrated cartoon graphics that will appeal to children, forty levels, and an intriguing storyline. Clockwords: Prelude puts you in the role of an inventor on...