Top Puzzle Games

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    4.21/5 Rating

    292,453 Plays

    Play QWOP

    If you would do a survey to see the hardest game to play (quite an impossible thing to pull off if you'd ask me), different gamers would end up having different answers. RPG players will have their own answer. Lovers...

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    Bubble Shooter

    4.08/5 Rating

    75,953 Plays

    Play Bubble Shooter

    Designed and brought to life by Absolutist, Bubble Shooter is a kids bubble puzzle game that was first created for Windows back in 2000. People who have played Puzzle Bobble (which came to be known as Bust A Move by...

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    Rollercoaster Creator

    4.06/5 Rating

    65,157 Plays

    Play Rollercoaster Creator

    Rollercoaster Creator is one of the most unique and entertaining drawing games online. It uses fun graphics and an interesting premise to draw you in and keeps you playing with truly challenging levels and new additions that hold your attention...

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    Bubble Spinner 2

    3.88/5 Rating

    35,082 Plays

    Play Bubble Spinner 2

    The sequel to the wildly addictive match three shooter game, Bubble Spinner 2 is just as addictive as its predecessor so if you liked the first game, you're going to love this one. The game is basically exactly the same....

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    4.48/5 Rating

    29,755 Plays

    Play Keymory

    Keymory is an excellent typing based memory game in which you are challenged to find all of the matching pictures under each letter tile by flipping the letter tiles with your keyboard. It is far from easy, but it is...

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    4.37/5 Rating

    28,416 Plays

    Play Bloxorz

    The goal of Bloxorz is actually pretty simple, especially when considered alongside most of the other puzzle games online. You need to get the block to fall into the square hole. Accomplishing that goal and progressing to the next level,...

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    Bubble Spinner

    3.12/5 Rating

    27,147 Plays

    Play Bubble Spinner

    Bubble Spinner is one of the most unique and challenging match three games online. Instead of giving you all of the bubbles in straight lines either in place on the screen or building from the top or bottom of the...

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    This Is The Only Level

    4.19/5 Rating

    25,845 Plays

    Play This Is The Only Level

    This Is The Only Level is one of the most unique, engrossing and addictive puzzle games online simply because it is so completely different than any of the other puzzle games online yet it isn't different at all. From the...

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    Incredibots 2

    4.05/5 Rating

    24,611 Plays

    Play Incredibots 2

    Are you one of the HUGE fans of the original Incredibots game? Can't wait for the follow up? Well, you don't have to wait anymore! Incredibots 2 is here and it's ready when you are. Just like the original game,...

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    4.25/5 Rating

    16,578 Plays

    Play Blosics

    Blosics is far, far from an easy, lighthearted physics game. You need to focus your attention on pretty much every aspect of your shot if you want to beat the level and move on to the next one. The goal...

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    4.58/5 Rating

    15,585 Plays

    Play Incredibots

    Puzzle and physics-based games that allow you to create your own levels, characters, bots, etc. are HUGE hits... PERIOD. That's especially true for kids whose curiosity is almost unquenchable. Maybe it's the human desire to create that keeps kids and...

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    Blosics 2

    4.11/5 Rating

    15,356 Plays

    Play Blosics 2

    Blosics is back with another exciting and addictive physics game, Blosics 2. Much like the first, Blosics 2 takes the basic premise most of the physics games online are build on and expands on it, making for a wildly entertaining...

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    4.14/5 Rating

    11,250 Plays

    Play PacXon

    Fill the empty space and capture those raging ghosts by building walls - this is your objective in this mash up of Pacman and Xonix. Well, I must agree that not all attempts of combining game elements in one package...

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    Puzzle Bobble

    3.25/5 Rating

    11,190 Plays

    Play Puzzle Bobble

    Puzzle Bobble is an entertaining match three shooter game that offers a somewhat unique take on the traditional format of match three shooter games. Your goal is to make it through the level and progress to the next one by...