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    4.2/5 Rating

    296,449 Plays

    Play QWOP

    If you would do a survey to see the hardest game to play (quite an impossible thing to pull off if you'd ask me), different gamers would end up having different answers. RPG players will have their own answer. Lovers...

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    Free Rider 2

    4.24/5 Rating

    74,747 Plays

    Play Free Rider 2

    Free Rider is back with Free Rider 2, the excellent sequel to one of the most entertaining build-your-own-track BMX games online. This time, there are even more options available for you to enjoy but that doesn't mean the game is...

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    Gravity Master

    3.84/5 Rating

    62,368 Plays

    Play Gravity Master

    There is nothing easy about Gravity Master. That's what makes it so addictive and what makes it such a great tool for helping your children learn. This game is unlike most of the physics drawing games online because it is...

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    Bounce Ball

    4.3/5 Rating

    54,272 Plays

    Play Bounce Ball

    Bounce Ball is a great game for kids because it really challenges your kids to use their brain to solve the puzzle presented to them. There are fifty levels in total that get progressively more difficult as you play, but...

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    Free Rider

    3.86/5 Rating

    34,954 Plays

    Play Free Rider

    Free Rider is an excellent BMX bike game that puts you in charge of creating the kind of track you want to race on. You have three basic tools for creating your track; the pencil tool to draw lines, the...

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    Rollercoaster Creator 2

    4.42/5 Rating

    34,023 Plays

    Play Rollercoaster Creator 2

    Physics-based and drawing kids games - this game genre has a very unique appeal. There's the Pencil Racer series. We also have Line Rider and Free Rider - games that have been awarded as best web toys a couple of...

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    Line Rider

    4.06/5 Rating

    33,559 Plays

    Play Line Rider

    Line Rider is an entertaining drawing game that puts you in charge of creating a course for your rider to ride over using different types of lines. You can make the track as easy as complicated as you like and...

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    Incredibots 2

    4.05/5 Rating

    26,460 Plays

    Play Incredibots 2

    Are you one of the HUGE fans of the original Incredibots game? Can't wait for the follow up? Well, you don't have to wait anymore! Incredibots 2 is here and it's ready when you are. Just like the original game,...

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    4.25/5 Rating

    18,005 Plays

    Play Blosics

    Blosics is far, far from an easy, lighthearted physics game. You need to focus your attention on pretty much every aspect of your shot if you want to beat the level and move on to the next one. The goal...

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    4.58/5 Rating

    16,625 Plays

    Play Incredibots

    Puzzle and physics-based games that allow you to create your own levels, characters, bots, etc. are HUGE hits... PERIOD. That's especially true for kids whose curiosity is almost unquenchable. Maybe it's the human desire to create that keeps kids and...

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    Blosics 2

    4.11/5 Rating

    16,475 Plays

    Play Blosics 2

    Blosics is back with another exciting and addictive physics game, Blosics 2. Much like the first, Blosics 2 takes the basic premise most of the physics games online are build on and expands on it, making for a wildly entertaining...