Top Math Games

  • #1

    Arithmetic Challenge

    4.34/5 Rating

    152,895 Plays

    Play Arithmetic Challenge

    Arithmetic Challenge is a very simple yet very entertaining math game that helps you strengthen your math skills while also having fun. It's the perfect math game for kids or adults who are either learning math or trying to improve...

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    Ice Cream Truck

    4.19/5 Rating

    123,569 Plays

    Play Ice Cream Truck

    Ice Cream Truck is a business simulation game that puts you in the role of an ice cream man. Although it is a tycoon game, Ice Cream Truck focuses on the mathematical aspect of resource management. This mathematics game tests...

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    Coffee Shop

    4.25/5 Rating

    72,305 Plays

    Play Coffee Shop

    In Coffee Shop, you are challenged to open a street side cafe and made as much money as you possibly can in fourteen days. This excellent math game is perfect for kids and adults alike, offering a fun premise and...

  • #4

    Weapon of Maths Destruction

    4.13/5 Rating

    49,675 Plays

    Play Weapon of Maths Destruction

    Weapon of Maths Destruction is no easy math game, but that's what makes it so much fun to play. Set up to more closely resemble typical war or action games, the focus still remains on answering math equations quickly and...

  • #5

    Number Eaters

    3.32/5 Rating

    36,644 Plays

    Play Number Eaters

    A flash-based clone of the classic number's game Number Munchers - this is Number Eaters. As the name of the game suggests, you will deal with numbers and equations in this kids game. BUT don't worry, even if you are...

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    The Multiplication Game

    4.4/5 Rating

    34,298 Plays

    Play The Multiplication Game

    The Multiplication Game is a math game that focuses on multiplication as its title implies. The Multiplication Game features simple graphics and rudimentary AI, meaning that the game may be too simple for older players, but younger players will be...

  • #7

    Factor Feeder

    4.26/5 Rating

    28,013 Plays

    Play Factor Feeder

    Factor Feeder is an educational math game that focuses on factoring. This math game features simple graphics and may not be very challenging for older players, but it is a great educational tool for children learning multiplication and division, as...

  • #8

    Count the Cubes

    3.4/5 Rating

    24,152 Plays

    Play Count the Cubes

    Count the Cubes is a simple math game that tests both visual skills and counting skills. This counting game is excellent for children in kindergarten or lower grades in elementary school. Older students may also find this math game useful...

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    4.11/5 Rating

    15,303 Plays

    Play Picma

    I'm a picross fanatic... PERIOD! And I'm sure I'm not alone. Some picross fans out there may have discovered the fun brought by this game through a puzzle in a magazine. Some perhaps fell in love with this kids game...

  • #10

    Fraction Poker

    3.94/5 Rating

    12,473 Plays

    Play Fraction Poker

    Fraction Poker is a math game that focuses on equivalent fractions. This educational game features simple controls and graphics along with gameplay that follows some of the basic rues of five-car poker. Fraction Poker plays similar to video poker games in...

  • #11

    Prime Landing

    4.2/5 Rating

    11,889 Plays

    Play Prime Landing

    Prime Landing is a math game that helps students to memorize the prime numbers. This math game features simple controls and is appropriate for players of all ages, but the subject matter is geared towards children in elementary school and...

  • #12

    Picross Quest

    4.43/5 Rating

    11,882 Plays

    Play Picross Quest

    If you are on the hunt for a free and kid-friendly logic puzzle game, Picross Quest is one that should be on your list. Kids and 'kids at heart' who enjoy puzzle games especially picross on papers and puzzle magazines...

  • #13

    The Roots of Life

    4.2/5 Rating

    11,080 Plays

    Play The Roots of Life

    The Roots of Life is a math game that helps students to learn the square roots of numbers. This math game features three difficulty levels and is geared towards students that are learning their square roots. The objective of The Roots...

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    2.85/5 Rating

    8,686 Plays

    Play Pimon

    PiMon is a math game that is similar to the popular memorization game, Simon. This memory game features detailed graphics and simple controls. If you are familiar with Simon, then the premise of PiMon will be easy for you to understand....