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Bubble Shooter Controls

So you are into bubble puzzle / kids games? Yeah? Cool! Here's a treat - Bubble Shooter. If you have played games from this genre before, the controls should be very easy for you. As long as your mouse is working, you are good to go: (1) move the cursor to tweak and adjust your aim, and once you are ready, (2) press the left click button to fire away. Nothing really complicated as far as controls are involved. Let's take a closer look at this fun kids game.

  • Rating: 4.08/5

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Bubble Shooter Walkthrough

Designed and brought to life by Absolutist, Bubble Shooter is a kids bubble puzzle game that was first created for Windows back in 2000. People who have played Puzzle Bobble (which came to be known as Bust A Move by many) will surely see the similarities between the games. Just like its predecessors, Bubble Shooter does a good job of combining puzzle games with bubble-bursting action along with graphics that are clean and kid friendly. Unlike Puzzle Bobble that requires you to squeeze out those coins to play at amusement parks, there's a free and browser-based version of this kids game that young and young at hearts alike could enjoy!

The objective of the game is very simple to understand: there's a bunch of bubbles (or balls, or spheres, whatever you want to call them). Your job is to clear them before they come crashing down at you. These colored bubbles are lined up. On average, there are 17 colored bubbles in every row and there are 19 rows. Usually, there are 5 to 6 colored bubbles when the game starts. These bubbles are randomly colored. To clear them off of the screen, you need to shoot more colored bubbles into the bunch. When a colored bubble collides with other bubbles of the same color (forming a group of 3 or more), they collapse and drop off... adding points to your score.

Just rinse and repeat the process until the whole bunch is cleared. Do that and you beat the current level and move onto the next one.

The game play and flow is just as simple. Just change the angle of your bubble shooter by moving your mouse. And if you are new to bubble puzzle / kids games like these, you will surely appreciate the arrow which tells you the direction that the ball will go if you fire it. Once you get the right angle or if you think you do, just hit the left click button and watch the bubble fire away.

The arrangement of the bubbles changes from one level to another... and they get harder and harder to deal with as you progress. In the later stages of the game, you will see that straightforward shots aren't enough to get the job done. BUT worry not! Apparently, your bubbles are NOT ordinary. They can bounce off the walls. That's EXACTLY what you need to do: make the bubbles bounce off and get it where you want to. It requires a little bit of judgment and experience... something which you can acquire through practice and playing. You may find it hard at first BUT, when you play it enough, it should become second nature to you.

Dropping off 3 balls with one shot is good. HOWEVER, you get more 'bang for your buck' when you eliminate more balls with a single bubble. This gives you bigger and better scores. Here's an example: let's say you can eliminate 6 bubbles with one shot. If you can, by all means, do it! It's way better than spending 2 bubble shots to eliminate 3 colored bubbles on each shot. Another bonus is that the other colored bubbles that are hanging on the ones you take out also drop off... which means you get MORE points! In light of that, arranging to unleash such an avalanche of dropping bubbles is worth it... provided you have enough time.

Nah, you will NOT be timed in this game. BUT your shots will be counted. You see, every time your shot fails to eliminate any bubbles from the screen, you are penalized. Once you are penalized enough, another row of bubbles appear on top of the screen. You can see the number of misfires you are allowed. This is shown by the number of silver balls located on the lower left side of the game's screen. You need to find the balance of making your shots count while setting things up for avalanches.

What I like about the game aside from the straightforward game play is that there are no draws. It's either you win by getting rid of all the bubbles from the screen or you lose by getting squished by the avalanche of bubbles. There's nothing in between. This 'take no prisoners' approach of the game really makes it appealing.

To conclude things, I would recommend Bubble Shooter to kids and adults who love bubble puzzle games like Puzzle Bobble or Bust A Move. It may not be as great looking as the mentioned games BUT it's just as simple; just as straightforward; and just as engrossing. A colorful kids game that people from all age ranges could enjoy - give Bubble Shooter a shot and see what I'm talking about.