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Bomboozle Controls

Use the mouse and the left mouse button to draw lines to connect blobs. Release the mouse button or click the left mouse button again to clear the line. Click on bombs with the left mouse button to blow them up.

  • Rating: 3.46/5

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Bomboozle Walkthrough

Bomboozle is an addictive and entertaining match three game that your kids will love playing. The greatest thing about this game, though, is that you don't have to worry about your kids getting caught up playing it because as they play, they also learn - even if they don't realize they're learning. The basic premise behind this game is pretty much the same as the premise behind most of the match three games online. You are given a screen full of different colored blobs. You need to connect those blobs in groups of three or more by drawing a line. Lines cannot be drawn diagonally but can be drawn horizontally and vertically. The blobs you connect must be touching on at least one side. Once you remove a group of blobs, all of the blobs above the ones you've removed will drop down. Does all this sound complicated? It's really not. One of the greatest things about this game is that it's actually very simple. Playing it well and getting a high score, though, can be a little more complex. This is where the learning comes in.

There are three modes of gameplay to choose from in Bomboozle. This isn't something that's terribly uncommon in the world of match 3 games, but they're slightly different in this one. You have 'Infinite', 'Timed' and 'Skull'. The first two are pretty self explanatory. In 'Infinite' you play until you run out of matches and there are no more bombs on the screen. In 'Timed' you have a clock that is counting down from 1,000. You need to make as many matches as you can before time runs out. To be honest, I've played all three settings numerous times and I'm not entirely sure what the story is with 'Skull'. It appears to me that it is basically 'Infinate' but with the addition of skull blobs. You can use the skull blobs the same way you use any other blob in the game. It's a neat addition and the skulls look cool, but I'm not sure if they offer a purpose beyond aesthetics.

Wildcard blobs (the rainbow colored blobs) are a very useful addition to Bomboozle. These wildcard blobs can be used in any group, giving you the chance to greatly increase the size of your group. It's important that you look carefully at the group you're going to use your wildcard blobs in. Look at all of the blobs surrounding it and the blobs surrounding them. Make sure the group you're making is the best possible group. Wildcard blobs are fairly common but they still shouldn't be wasted. Extending your group not only gives you a better score but it also enables you to create bombs and bombs are definitely something you want to create in this game.

If you remove a group of six or more blobs in Bomboozle, you are given a bomb (little gray blobs with white faces and a white fuse at the top). Bombs are definitely your friend in this game if you use them wisely. Clicking up a bomb will blow up all of the blobs immediately surrounding the bomb. Try to save your bombs for when you really need them. Leave yourself with no moves in the area around the bomb by making all of the possisble groups you see. When you detonate the bomb, you'll remove those ungroupable blobs and will most often open up a wealth of moves for yourself. In addition, you'll also get points for all the blobs you removed with the bomb - blobs you wouldn't have been able to get points for other wise. Using your bombs wisely is a great way to boost your score.

There is a surprising amount of strategizing involved in getting a good score in Bomboozle. That's something many people don't realize and it is this strategizing to get a good score that offers those valuable educational opportunities for your kids. This game challenges your kids to look at the puzzle on the screen and make the smartest decision with the blobs they're given. This definitely helps them develop their logic and problem solving skills. What makes this game so much more beneficial than many of the other match three puzzle games, however is that it requires you to connect the blobs by actually using your mouse to draw a line. This helps your kids develop their hand eye coordination; especially on timed mode which doesn't just require accuracy when drawing the lines but speed as well.

The best way to get a good score in Bomboozle is to really think about your moved before you make them. Look for the biggest combination you can make. Make sure you include all of the blobs in the group that you can include, but also look for what moves you will be left with after you make your move. Thinking ahead is an important part of getting a good score in this game. You need to think about where the other blobs are going to end up when you remove a group. If you plan well, you can make sure you're set up for better moves well ahead of time, making it much easier to get a big score, big groups and lots of bombs.

Overall, Bomboozle is the kind of match three game kids are going to love to play. The fact that they'll actually be learning things and improving important skills is definitely an added bonus. Parents can play this one two and have just as much fun, providing a great opportunity for some quality time with your kids. Get the highest score you can get and challenge your kids to beat your score. They'll have to think carefully and plan if they want to best you. This is a great match three game for parents, kids and any fan of the match three genre.