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Bloxorz Controls

Move left using the left arrow key. Move right using the right arrow key. Move up using the up arrow key. Move down using the down arrow key. Select the block you want to use by hitting 'space'.

  • Rating: 4.32/5

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Bloxorz Walkthrough

The goal of Bloxorz is actually pretty simple, especially when considered alongside most of the other puzzle games online. You need to get the block to fall into the square hole. Accomplishing that goal and progressing to the next level, on the other hand, can be quite difficult; especially as you reach the later stages in the game. There are 33 stages in total to complete, each one a bit more difficult than the last. Accomplishing your goal is going to take patience, a solid plan and a lot of thinking. For that reason, this game is perfect for kids. It really helps you children develop the skills they need to identify a problem and find the solution and it helps them build those skills while they're being entertaining. They'll get hooked on this one, but you don't have to worry that they're wasting time. The skills your kids will develop with this one are extremely beneficial and will give them a leg up with school and with life.

One of the greatest lessons Bloxorz offers is that patience is a virtue. Getting frustrated or rushing through the stages in this puzzle game won't help you win. There are stages in the game your kids will struggle with. As a parent, you can help them out when they get stuck. Try playing on your own to understand how the game works. Make it as far as you can in the game by yourself and challenge your kids to make it further than you did. This gives them a larger goal to focus on. Instead of just playing to reach the next level, they'll be playing to try to best you. This also gives them a great lesson in friendly competition. Just be sure you always make yourself available if they need help. If you find yourself getting frustrated (which you likely will) take a step back from the puzzle and try again once you're feeling more calm. You'll be amazed be how much easier it can be if you allow yourself a little bit of distance from it.

Instead of a mouse focused control scheme like you would use with many of the puzzle games online, Bloxorz mainly features arrow key controls which helps your kids develop hand eye coordination. You have to use the arrow keys to move your block around the screen to get the block into the hole to complete the level being careful not to fall off the edges of the puzzle. If your block falls off the edge, you'll have to start over again from the beginning of the stage. As you progress, you will also be introduced to bridges and switches which you'll need to use to complete the stage. To use a switch you simply need to move your block to rest on top of it. You do not need to remain on the switch for it to stay active.

What makes the switches in Bloxorz so different from the switches you'll find in similar puzzle games is that there are two different types of switches indicated by either an 'X' or a circle. 'X' switches are 'heavy' switches. They require pressure to become active. In order to activate the switch your block will need to be directly on top of the switch on its end. Round switches (the circle ones) are 'soft' switches. Soft switches require less pressure. You can activate soft switches by pressing it with any part of your block. Switches also cause bridges to behave in different ways. Red and green lights will indicate which bridge you are working with. Some switches will open or close bridges each time you move over it. For example, moving over the switch once will open the bridge. Moving over the same switch a second time with close the bridge. Keep that in mind. It's important.

There are different types of foundation blocks that made up different parts of the levels in Bloxorz. This is yet another feature that sets this game apart from many of the other puzzle games online. You need to watch out for orange blocks. If you move your block on top of an orange block while your block is vertical, the block will fall and take your block with it. Sometimes you can use this to your advantage. Other times, it will cause you to fail the level. The last thing you need to worry about is a third type of switch - the teleport switch. This is indicated by a '( )' shape. These switches will split your block into two smaller blocks which can be controlled individually. The smaller blocks will be transported to other areas of the puzzle. You can make the smaller blocks hole again by moving them so they're next to each other. Your smaller blocks will be able to operate soft switches but not heavy switches. If you find yourself needing to use a heavy switch, do anything that needs to be done with the smaller blocks (and there will always be something that needs to be done with them) and then turn them back into your large block to use the heavy switch you need to use. You can only complete the level with your large block.

Overall, Bloxorz is an excellent puzzle game you'll love to play and that your kids will love to play. The greatest thing about this game is that to be successful at it you really need to think carefully about the moves you make. This teaches your kids the importance of careful, critical thinking and also teaches them that using their brain to solve problems can be fun. If you want to do well in this game, you need to carefully look at the puzzle presented to you and figure out exactly what you need to get through. Look at the switches. Figure out how the switches will act and how you need to use them. This is a great puzzle game you can play on your own, play with your kids and have a great time with - all while improving your own skills and helping your children do the same.