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Blosics 2 Controls

Aim with the mouse. Choose the size of your ball by clicking with the size you want with the left mouse button. Place the ball by clicking with the left mouse button. Choose the strength of your shot by clicking with the left mouse button and dragging your mouse away from the ball. Fire the ball by releasing the left mouse button. Cancel a shot by hitting 'space'.

  • Rating: 4.11/5

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Blosics 2 Walkthrough

Blosics is back with another exciting and addictive physics game, Blosics 2. Much like the first, Blosics 2 takes the basic premise most of the physics games online are build on and expands on it, making for a wildly entertaining and wholly engrossing gaming experience. Like the first game, this one is also an excellent game to play with your kids. It offers all the skill strengthening experiences the first game offers but in a slightly less complicated format. There are quite a few differences between this one and its predecessor but one thing hasn't changed. This is a great game to use to show your kids that learning (with the help of a little healthy competition) can be a lot of fun.

The goal of Blosics 2 is the same as the goal in the first game. You need to earn 100 points to pass the level and move on to the next one. The most obvious difference right off the top is the number of levels in this game versus the number of levels in the first. In the first game you only had to conquer ten levels to conquer the game. In this one, there are thirty levels you need to beat in order to beat the game. One of the best additions to this game, though, is the level select screen. There are also challenges in this one. To view a challenge click on the word 'challenge' (shown at the center of the top of the screen). The challenges are all pretty difficult, but they will reward you with 100 extra bonus points. Some of the challenges are harder than others and the level of difficulty depends on the level of difficulty in the level. Don't focus on the challenges too much, but always check them out. If it feels like something you can do, give it a shot.

In the first game, you had an almost invariable amount of choices when selecting the size of the ball because you really build the ball yourself. That isn't the case in Blosics 2 and that makes the game a lot more straight forward and easy to understand. You are given four choices for the size of your ball (shown on the right side of the game screen); 5, 10, 20 and 30. The number underneath the ball not only tells you how big the ball is but also how many of your level points that ball will cost you. The best way to decide which ball you need to use is to carefully look at the block formations you're given. If the challenge requires a powerful shot, you'll need to use one of the bigger balls. Remember though, the bigger balls will cost you more points. Make sure you're confident you can remove enough blocks to make spending those extra points worth it. For challenges that require a softer touch, the smaller balls are always better. As you play, you'll get a better idea of which ball you need to use. With this physics game, nothing beats experience.

Once again in Blosics 2, you have to worry about those pesky red blocks. If you've not played the original game, the red blocks are your enemy. You need to do everything you can to only remove the green blocks and keep as many of the red blocks in their formation as you can. Every red block you remove from the screen will cost you points. Sometimes it's extremely difficult not to remove the red blocks. You might hit one or two, but try to do what you can to make sure you miss the majority of them. If you're having a lot of trouble with the red blocks, take a step back from a moment. Do something else for a little while and then return to the game. You'll be surprised how much of a difference that can make.

Overall, Blosics 2 is an excellent physics game you can play with your kids to help them strengthen their problem solving skills and help them get a handle on a little basic physics. It's also a great chance for you to strengthen those skills yourself. It is a difficult game, but with a little patience, all of the levels are completely beatable. The challenges are a great addition and the improvement in the graphics definitely makes it more appealing to kids than most of the other physics games online.