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Aim with the mouse. Place the ball by clicking with the left mouse button. Choose the strength of your shot by holding the left mouse button. Fire your shot by releasing the left mouse button. Cancel a shot using 'space'.

  • Rating: 4.25/5

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Blosics is far, far from an easy, lighthearted physics game. You need to focus your attention on pretty much every aspect of your shot if you want to beat the level and move on to the next one. The goal of the game is actually pretty simple as tends to be the case with most of the physics games online. In order to pass a level and move on to the next one you need 100 points. You get points for knocking green blocks of the screen by shooting balls at them. If you're at all familiar with physics games, you know this isn't really uncommon in the genre. That is really where the similarities end though.

The first difference experienced physics games players will notice right away about Blosics is that you don't need to remove all of the blocks to pass a level. These is also no time limit on how long it takes you to remove the blocks. This gives you time to really look over the puzzle presented to you so you can figure out exactly what you need to do to get those hundred points. The problem, however, is that you making the ball you will use to shoot the blocks will cost points. For example, if you have sixty points and want to make a ball that is twenty points large, the twenty points for that ball will be subtracted from your total points for the level leaving you with forty. For that reason, using the right size ball and hitting the block formation in the right spot is extremely important if you want to complete the level. You need to make sure there are enough blocks remaining on the screen to allow you to build the size ball you want to build. If there aren't, you'll have to reset the level. Remember - your goal is one hundred points. Using the same example, if you are left with forty points, you need to gain sixty points to get to the next level. If there aren't enough blocks left on the screen to give you those sixty points, you have already failed the level.

When choosing the size of your ball in Blosics, it's also important that you allow yourself room for error. If you have just enough blocks left on the screen but will need to clear them all with one shot, chances are you're going to have to reset the level. It's very important in this physics game to find the balance between getting the size you need for your ball without leaving yourself short with your level points. It's difficult, but that's what makes the game so addictive. Your level points are shown at the top right corner of the screen so make sure you keep an eye on them. As you progress, things only get more difficult. Pace yourself. Use the easier levels in the beginning to get a feel for the game.

Things really start getting difficult in Blosics when you start having to deal with the red blocks. Red blocks are bad. You want to leave them where they are. Every red block that is cleared from the screen will cost you points. It's important to remember all of the ten levels in this game are beatable. It just takes focus, patience and careful thinking. When there are two formations of blocks and one formation is green with the second being red, there is always a way to remove the green blocks without taking out the red ones. In most cases, you'll lose a red block or two, but as long as the majority stay in place, you should be fine. Look carefully at the puzzle. Figure out where you need to hit the green blocks. If there are banks (the black bars that sometimes appear on the game screen) you may be able to use them to hit the green blocks at a different angle.

Blosics is an excellent game to encourage your kids to play. It will help them build their problem solving skills and help them learn some basic physics properties. That's what this game is all about. The greatest thing about this game is that it's presented in a fun and entertaining way so your kids won't feel like they're sitting through a lesson in physics. They'll learn while they're having fun. They'll also learn that improving their skills isn't necessarily a tedious task. Learning can be entertaining and that is perhaps the greatest lesson this game offers. When you also consider that this entertaining physics game also teaches your kids the importance of having patience and taking time to work out a strategy, you'll see that this game is incredibly beneficial for your kids and yourself as well.

Overall, Blosics is a great physics game for your kids to play or for you to play yourself. Consider playing it a few times on your own first and then challenging your kids to beat your score or get further in the game than you got. Let them know that it's a frustrating game and encourage them to come to you if they get stuck on a level. Help them work it out. It not only offers them an opportunity to have fun learning but also a chance for you to learn together. This is a great game for any parent looking to help their kids get a leg up in school and any parent looking to show their kids that education doesn't necessarily end when they leave school for the day. I'd recommend playing going through the tutorial though because this one can definitely be a bit on the difficult side.