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Use the left mouse button to choose your operation. Enter answers using the number keys on the keyboard.

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Arithmetic Challenge is a very simple yet very entertaining math game that helps you strengthen your math skills while also having fun. It's the perfect math game for kids or adults who are either learning math or trying to improve the math skills they already have. You need to be quick and accurate if you want to get a good score which makes the game challenging and therefore, even more addictive. It's actually a pretty simple game at its core. There are no fancy graphics or over the top animations. You have your equations on the left side of the screen are your timer and points at the top right side of the screen. Get the right answer and you'll get a green check mark. Get the wrong answer and you'll get a red 'x'. Your goal is to get as many right answers as you can within the time allowed. Each correct answer gives you one point. No points are deducted for wrong answers but each wrong answer will, more or less, cost you the point you would've gotten for a right answer. Being quick is obvious important as you only have sixty seconds to answer questions, but being careful is also important. Finding the balance between both is the key to doing well in this game.

Arithmetic Challenge is one of the best math games online simply because it allows you to strengthen all of your math operations without allowing you to rely on the operation you're strongest with. You start the game by choosing which operation you want to work with; addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. The questions you get during that game will only involve the operation you choose. For example, if you need help with multiplication, you can choose that operation. You will only get multiplication questions. They start off fairly easy but get much harder as the game progresses. This is better than the 'all operations' format with many of the other math games online because you won't be able to just guess at the multiplication questions that give you a hard time and boost your score with simpler addition and subtraction questions. This will be especially beneficial for kids who will be able to strengthen all areas of their math skills; playing first with addition and subtraction then moving on to multiplication and division when they learn those operations.

Arithmetic Challenge also gives you the chance to show your kids that learning can be fun. You can play this excellent math game with your kids and challenge them to beat your high score. You can get in that all important quality time with your child and help them strengthen their math skills while also strengthening your own. You can learn together as a family. If you start with this game when you child is younger, you give them a great foundation for doing well in math class in school. In addition, you can also help them equate learning math with something they enjoy instead of something they're forced to do. While the game can be difficult, kids will love the challenge of trying to beat their parents at a game. Alternatively, challenge them to beat their own high score; allowing them to continue improving and showing them how much fun it can be to do better than they thought they could do.

Overall, Arithmetic Challenge is an excellent math game to play on your own but is even better to play with your kids. Getting your children to enjoy learning math is easy with a game like this that is simple yet challenging. Make sure your kids aren't just focusing on what they know the best though. If you want to get the most out of the game, play through each other the operations a few times to get your high score in each one and then challenge your kids to beat each of those high scores. This is a game you can feel good about them playing for hours because, whether they even realize it or not, they'll be learning the entire time. If you kids are struggling, take the opportunity to help them understand math better. Tell them any tricks and rules you know for doing operations faster and above all else, have fun. This is an excellent math game for anyone looking to improve their own math skills or to teach their kids that learning can in fact be entertaining too.