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Alpha Attack Controls

Alpha Attack is controlled by using the keyboard. Press the corresponding letter key to destroy enemies. The spacebar is used to drop a Panic Bomb. The Pause/Break key pauses the game.

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Alpha Attack Walkthrough

Alpha Attack is an action-packed typing game appropriate for players of all ages. Alpha Attack features awesome sprite graphics, a catchy soundtrack, and challenging gameplay that provides great typing practice for kids.

The objective of Alpha Attack is to protect your city from the alien menace. To accomplish this task, all you will need is your trusty keyboard and your typing skills! The majority of enemies in this typing game are destroyed by typing the appropriate letter or combination of numbers. If it gets too hectic, you can also deploy a Panic Bomb to clear the screen by pressing the spacebar. Players start out with three lives and three Panic Bombs (the count for each is displayed in the upper-right corner of the interface). If the city is completely destroyed, you will lose a life. When all lives are lost, the game is over.

Bonus Letters will occasionally appear that will help you to gain more lives or bombs. These letters appear as golden flowers with letters corresponding to the words "BOMB" and "LIFE". Completely spelling out one of these words in this kids game rewards an extra Panic Bomb or life respectively. Bonus Letters do not damage your city if they fall to the bottom of the screen, but you should still try to type them when they appear to gain their powerups and increase your score.

Accuracy is important if you want to earn a high score in Alpha Attack. You are not penalized any lives if you make incorrect keystrokes, but your bonus at the end of the wave will be reduced. You will also gain bonus points for the remainder of the city after each wave, so keeping more structures intact yields a greater bonus. Killing aliens as late as possible also rewards you with more points than destroying them as soon as they appear on screen, but make sure that you don't let them hit your city! In later levels of this typing game, having a high score is important. A particularly deadly enemy, the Death Saucer, may appear and can only be destroyed by reaching or surpassing the score on its screen. If you fail to meet this score by the end of the wave, it will lay waste to your entire city.

Alpha Attack is a typing game that offers actions without excessive violence or gore, making it appropriate for children. Alpha Attack is great fun and it will hone your child's (or your own) typing skills!